Thursday, October 23, 2008

Reaching Across the Aisle?

Our oldest son, Bigger Brother, is a dynamite kid (like his other 4 siblings :-).

*He loves playing goalie for his soccer team.

*He also loves playing with army men in the dirt and digging trenches for WWI.

*He really loves riding his "Ripstick!"

*He has a keen mind for science.

*His piano teacher says he's a genius. (Shh. . .don't tell him. . .)

*He can fix most broken things in the house and put together anything we put in front of him.

*He is a witnessing machine with tracts in hand, even in Central America.

*He can mix concrete with a shovel in Central America almost as well as the grown men.

*He can even grow some awesome banana peppers! :0)

And evidently, he has been listening during social studies to his somewhat. . .ahem. . .enthused. . .teacher who has a somewhat bent toward and interest in conservative politics. . . . .

When Bigger Brother (10 years old) heard presidential candidate Barack Obama boast that he had "reached across the aisle" and was prepared to do it in the future, my little protege snorted, "Yeah, the only reason he has his hand stuck out is to take more taxes!"

Ahhh,. . . .the discernment of a 10 year old. If only this type of discernment were more widespread. . . .

(I suppose only the political conservatives out there will appreciate this. . . .;0)

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Mama Hen said...

You go Bigger Brother!