Saturday, October 25, 2008


O.K., everybody! My best friend Mama Hen over at Long Days, Short Years tagged me recently. (You will have to visit her; she is such a riot!)

I am to share 6 of my favorite things in the kitchen before I tag 6 of you!!!!

This should be fun since I feel like I am in the kitchen ALL THE TIME!!! But what a blessing, huh? What a blessing that we have a kitchen in which to cook, appliances to use, sweet people for whom to cook, food to cook, dishes to wash, and clean water with which to wash!

So what are my favorites?

Here is my new Bosch mixer! We are lovin' her! We can mix and knead
5-6 loaves of bread dough in her! She was a birthdaygift from sweet hubby,

sweet children, sweet parents, and sweet in-laws!

(If you've seen the price on these sisters, you know why it was a combined effort!)

Now here is a treasured spot in my kitchen--my pantry!

Now I know it doesn't look that huge (or organized), and it isn't. But

it is big enough to hold a month's worth of groceries.

(Also, on the walls of this pantry contains my "Art Gallery"--

where we hang all the sweet children's cherished artwork.)

This microwave sure comes in handy. The first 4 years we

lived here we had a little bitty one that didn't even hold most of my
casserole dishes!

Like Mama Hen, I love my MOMYS cookbook!

I love that we can look out our backdoor each morning
and enjoy our hard workin' cats visiting us for a
hope of breakfast scraps! ;-) (Yes, there are 5,
I do know what causes this, and yes, I would be
happy to take more.)

Finally, I truly love my big table. But my very favorites in the kitchen

are sitting around it. (They tend to be regular visitors in here. . . .ya know.)

Daddy is hunting at the moment, hoping to bring home more to put on the table!

What a blessing they all are!

(For the non-Southerners out there, you're looking

at grits in those bowls! Yummy!)

Now I tag

* Just a Family

* First Daughter

* I'm Workin' On It

*Teaching Good Things

*It's a Wonderful Life

* Generation Cedar.

Looking forward to hearing about your kitchen!

BTW, sorry about all the spacing issues. It keeps working against me. :-(

In the Heart of our Home,



BabyDoll said...

Thanks for sharing your favorite things! I could have guessed the microwave!
I look forward to figuring what my favorites are. I need help making my blog as cute as yours:0)

Mama Hen said...

I love the new mixer. Girl, you are FANCY! I can't wait to see all the kitchens that you tagged. And thank you for all your help with the blog design. I had such a good time yesterday, (and we only had one boo-boo if I remember correctly), and you are the very best friend in every way!

Kristie said...

I want a pantry! I have no place to really stockpile food necessities. Just reg. cabinet space and that's it.

Good job with the pics! =)

Missy said...

no, you didn't just tag me.... :o)
ok, i'll try to do it in the next week.