Friday, November 21, 2008

A Sweet Surprise

Last night after climbing the stairs once to spend time in prayer with each child and then to realize one probably needed some decongestant, taking him back to the kitchen for some "red medicine," and finally climbing the stairs to bed, I found a sweet surprise in my room.

I discovered the heating pad turned on and tucked under my sheets to warm my spot and 2 sweet notes from Big Brother and Big Sister. Both notes declared me "best mom" in the world, and one even thanked me for taking them to "music lessons today."

How precious. As I stood there looking at the notes, I realized anew how undeserving I am for these gifts from the Lord.

I recently read a comment on a favorite blog. The young mother was overwhelmed with the addition of her newest child and even questioned how children were really a blessing.

I understand the feelings of exhaustion (experienced that last night ;0) and feeling so overwhelmed that it is hard to keep one's eyes on the purpose and goal, especially when the little ones are so small.

But the blessings are there. They are in the smiles they give and the cuddles you receive when reading a favorite book for the 43rd time. I see it in the sparkles in their eyes and the warmth of their hands when they slip them into mine.

The cute things they say become cherished treasures as they grow and learn. The rewards become immeasurable as they soak in the things of God and began to internalize them and then actually live them out.

My children are not yet grown (Thank goodness! We have still so much to teach.), but I can already see how the blessings and rewards of children change as they age.

When they are young the joy comes from serving them. Last night the joy unexpectantly came when they chose to serve me. For me, the greatest blessing was that they were not told to do this or even encouraged in any way, but it came from a prompting in their hearts to serve another.

"After that, He [Jesus] poured water into a basin and began to wash the disciples' feet, and to wipe them with the towel with which He was girded" (John 13:5).

Perhaps the greatest blessing may be to see them following Christ:

"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth" (3 John 4).

This course of raising children in the admonition of the Lord is worth it. Sometimes the rewards are hard to see and even harder to "feel." Sometimes the Lord allows a glimpse into what He is moulding them, and the journey seems a might bit easier.

In the Heart of our Home,


Mama Hen said...

What precious pictures and what precious children.

Just A Family said...

ahhhhhhhhhh..How sweet! Don't you love those moments?


Daphine said...

Hi Rebekah,
Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I am always happy to meet a new friend.

You have a beautiful family! I loved reading this post tonight. What a sweet and thoughtful thing for your kids to have done for you. My heart would have just melted. So sweet!

Did I read correctly, you are expecting another child? If so, a big Congratulations to you!

I really enjoyed my visit and will come again.

Have a great weekend!

Christy said...

I found you through Daphine and am enjoying you. I'm also a Christian Homeschooling mom! God Bless and I'm off to read more! :)