Saturday, December 6, 2008

Our Trip to the Nursing Home!

Yesterday we went with 2 other families to visit and minister at our local nursing home. Before hand we had made approximately 100 Christmas cards and enough cookies for all the residents.

It was such a joy to see the children preparing to serve others!

They worked about 2-3 months learning Luke 2:1-20 to recite for the residents and share the Good News through the Christmas story.

Several of the children played the piano, and they also shared the Gospel through singing.

Then they mingled with the dear people who live there, passing out the cookies and cards, hugging, and wishing "Merry Christmas." The residents were so excited the children were there. Many said they hardly ever get to see children.

The best part was sharing it all with a very special someone who lives at this particular home.

Our favorite great-grandmother!!!

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Just A Family said...

What great pictures.
Thanks for sharing.
Miss you!