Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sibling Squabbles

Since recently learning Luke 2:1-20 with the children, I have been wondering and praying about what passage to choose next. Since I have been reading through Matthew, I had been leaning towards the Beatitudes and perhaps the whole chapter of Matthew 5.

Well, today my children helped confirm it for me. ;-)

Little Sister had made a flag with a piece of white paper, her brother's toy blow gun, and Mama's tape. Well, today Bigger Brother wanted the blow gun back. (even though he was in the middle of his piano practicing. . . .)

I am suddenly aware of quite a commotion in the kitchen. Little Sister is screaming and crying, trying to protect her flag. Bigger Brother is trying to debate his reasoning as to why he needs the blow gun back. Middle Sister has jumped in and decided the right and just thing to do is wrestle the object from Little Sister's possession. Oh, boy. Anybody else want to join in for good measure???

So, . . .what's a Mama to do?

To avoid the communist/socialist mentality, I should make Little Sister give the toy back to its rightful owner.

Also, to teach the Golden Rule, I should make her return it.

To teach the Golden Rule and cheerful giving and putting others before yourself, I should tell Bigger Brother to get over it. (sorry, I haven't arrived in the mercy department yet. . . )

To teach Middle Sister to MIND HER OWN BUSINESS I should tell her to leave the room? Maybe? Hmmmm. . . . . . . . . . .

My mind is racing as it usually does in these type of scenerios, and I am praying for the Lord's wisdom. (Raising and training children sheds new light on praying without ceasing. :0)

I think of Matthew 5 and then look at Bigger Brother.

"What does the Lord say about when someone wants to borrow your stuff?" (I know--not very eloquent. . . .)

"Give to him who asks you, and from him who wants to borrow from you do not turn away" (Matthew 5:42).

His answer totally confirmed our next scripture memory passage.

He looked at me with a doubtful expression and then said, "Give them your left foot???"

Yes, I believe we need to learn the entire chapter. ;-)

In the Heart of our Home,


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