Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Testimony Tuesday!!!

Yesterday was a busy, yet productive day. The children and I joined another sweet family at the strawberry patch and picked 7 buckets of yummy strawberries. Then we ventured to another location and selected this year's tomato and pepper plants. (We are going to try a few tomatoes from a different variety this year!)

Once home, the day did not slow down! Sweet hubby was tilling the rest of the garden. Big Brother and Big Sister hoed more dirt around the potatoes, and Bigger Brother dug a trench around the "up and coming" chicken pen! (Hubby decreed since I am 32 weeks pg and "thirty-ahem-something" years old, I needed to put down the hoe. I didn't argue. :-) Sooooo. . .I did what I do best. . . . . . supervise!

After the garden was tilled, we worked at picking up all the grass clumps that were still lying around in the dirt. (The children were tired, but they worked hard b/c I had promised bathing suits and waterhose when the work was completed! ;-)

Of course, I wanted as much of the grass out of the garden as possible, especially while the ground was nice and soft. The Lord has often reminded me in the garden how we should apply this to the training of our children.

Isn't it much easier to help our children with the weeds of disrespect, disobedience, bad habits, etc. when their hearts are still tender? I am convinced we should address and help them pull these weeds out of their character early. As my friend said yesterday about a similar issue, "It must be nipped in the bud." :-)

If we don't tend to the weeds early, when the ground is soft and when we first notice them, it always proves more difficult later. How often I have dreaded going out to my garden because I knew the weeds were about to overtake the other plants! It is so hard then to hoe the weeds without disturbing the precious plants (not to mention back-breaking).

So this Tuesday, my testimony is how gracious God is to gently remind me again to pay close attention to the weeds in these dear children's lives and to guide them and help them remove such nasty things while the soil is tender. (In addition, I must add, it reminds me to pay attention to the weeds that creep up in my own life as well. Now wouldn't that be a whole 'nother blog post! :-)

What about you? Do you have an encouragement to share?

In the Heart of our Home,


Daphine said...

Great post! I really enjoyed visiting you tonight! Came over from Mama Hen's blog.

Jeanette said...

I have had to come to the realization lately that I have not been consistent enough in this area with my children!! Something I am workin' on!! With His help of course! :)