Saturday, May 2, 2009

"Waiting for Hours, Mama"

Isn't amazing to see and feel the seemingly unconditional love a child has for his or her parents? I mean, of course, most parents love their children in such a way, but when I notice the precious signs of love and forgiveness in my children toward me, I really feel very undeserving.

The other night, Hubby took the boys camping. Boy, do they love this! Of course, they always seem to have so much fun camping and fishing and sitting around the campfire and doing guy stuff. Of course, they can have a "guy night" that is practically free, but when they decide to have a "guy night," I have 3 pair of girl eyes looking at me wondering what kind of "girls' night" will we have!?!

Hmmm. . . .we have shopped. We have had arts & crafts nights. We have shopped again. However, it is sooooooo hard to have a "girls' night" that is relatively free (like camping and fishing)!

So this week, when all girl eyes were on me (and I was exhausted from garden work all day), I thought desperately about how I could make this evening special with low-cost and low-energy! Then I remembered, "It's Kids Eat Free Night at Pizza Hut!" Hooray! Let's go eat pizza girls! And then we will come home and watch a movie (from our own private collection ;-)!

Dinner and a movie! The pizza went well, and we returned home for the video. As they were preparing the movie and the "theatre," I was checking my email. Little Sister came into the room to announce that her "baby" was saving our chair for "me and you, Mama."

How sweet. "OK, dear, I'll be there as soon as I finish this."

She came back 3 times to tell me either it was almost time for the movie or the movie was starting. I finally told her not to come back to tell me that b/c I would be there ASAP. :-(

When I finished and entered the "theatre," she jumped up from "our" chair so excited to see me. We snuggled into the rocker and she told me, "I've been waiting for you for hours, Mama."

Well, she immediately became engrossed into the movie, and I thought about what she had said, lettting it sink in. Here I was. . . tired, reluctant to invest the energy into a "girls' night" that meant so much to all of them, and they were eager and excited about just the smallest effort.

How convicting.

Not only did this remind me how our children love and desire time with us and those special memory-making moments, it reminded me of our love for Jesus.

Do we crave time with Him? Do we love Him and desire to spend time with Him?

"And you shall the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength" (Mark 12:30).

Does the time away from Him seem like "hours?" Do we yearn for His return?

" 'Surely I am coming quickly.' Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus" (Revelation 22:20)!

I pray I will always value and cherish my time with these little (and not so little anymore) ones even when I am tired and spent and also that my love for Christ will always have the expectant love and desire that longs for Him, His Word, and His return.

In the Heart of our Home,

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Jeanette said...

This has happened to me too often I am afraid to say!! Love this post!! I needed this reminder. Sometimes I catch myself "going through the motions" and not really being sincere in my daily walk. I am ashamed to have to admit it. To think of all He did for me and then I let the daily "stuff" interfere with my relationship with Him!! Ugggh!