Friday, June 19, 2009

What We've Been Up to Lately. . .

We have had a great summer so far. I thought I would share a little update for anyone who cares. . .:0)
In May we enjoyed Middle Sister's violin concert and Big Brother's, Bigger Brother's, and Big Sister's piano recital. Unfortunately, my camera was MIA the night of the violin concert, but I have a few pics from the piano recital.

Our piano teacher likes for the children to dress the part of the songs they are playing. Here is Bigger Brother playing a few Mexican tunes! He did great!

Big Brother played "The Cassein Song," "American the Beautiful," and "Onward Christian, Soldier." He sure looked cute! ;-)

Big Sister played "Ashokam Farewell" along with a hymn. She did a great job and looked beautiful in this Civil War dress we borrowed from some dear friends. Playing the piano is one of Big Sister's favorite passions.

School is still "in session" at our house. Our summer break will begin when Little Brother arrives.

Doesn't he look thrilled? ;-)

Of course, there's nothing like a little manual work to make you appreciate the indoor bookwork!

Bigger Brother has learned to use the weed eater this summer. This is a big help!

So Big Brother was promoted to the leaf blower! This was very helpful after Monday night's storms!
Big Sister is still baking bread for our family and also for her business. She is hoping to raise enough money again to go back to Central America next year for one of the mission trips her Daddy takes.

Don't be misled. It is not all work around here. (Though it sometimes feels like it! :-)

We recently had a circus show in our own backyard. Middle Sister was the Ringmaster!

The boys killed their very first snake last week. Big Sister spotted it on the driveway, and before I could turn around, these guys had their machetes (from C. American market) and sent it to an early (not early enough ;-) death. (Kristi, I guess you have been right all along. We do live where it is "far and snakey." :0)

Before any snake experts say this is a good snake, I must explain I adhere to the policy of "There ain't but one kind of good snake. . . . "

Occasionally, it is a little quite around here. . . . .

And now it seems all we are doing is waiting. . . . . . .

Maybe we will have some news soon!

In the Heart of our Home,



Mama Hen said...

I know I can't wait. I love all the pictures. Tell Hannah I need some yummy bread!

rcsnickers said...

What a great idea to dress up the part for the recital! I love it! You look great!!! Hope to hear baby news soon!!! :)

Bryan Camp; Cantina Camp said...

Hi Rebekah, my name is Cantina Camp. I am Bryan Camp's wife...Bryan and Eric have been in contact here lately. We are so excited about your new blessing. Wanted you to know we are praying for you all. I have enjoyed your Testimony Tuesday's and all the pictures. Hope to get to meet you one day.

The Ferrill's said...

Oh Rebekah you look so beautiful! I wish I could just rub that sweet belly! I love this post, it gives me such a view into your family life! Love it! Tell Biggest sister I will buy some bread! That will give us an excuse to see each other!
I'll be praying for a smooth delivery and good health for all...keep us posted!

smallseven said...

Your family is SO precious Rebekah, and it's about to get even sweeter! You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers!

BabyDoll said...

I love these shots! I love to see the boys working! Bigger Sister's hair is beautiful! Big Sister is growing TALL (Yes' I mean baby #4!)and baby #5 is looking more like a little girl EVERYDAY! (You just confuse me with Big, Bigger and Biggest!~ WIll numbers do?

I'm working on getting the pictures that I took downloaded. I hope to show you soon!