Monday, April 26, 2010

Introducing. . .

Our newest brother

Hai Hai!!!

This is our sweetie! Isn't he
a cutie?!!
We hope and anticipate
going for him by the end of the year!
We are thrilled that the Lord
has given us grace and favor
and the opportunity to
welcome Hai Hai into
our home and family.
(As you may know, I do not share my
family's names on this blog, so Hai Hai
is derived from his Chinese name. His name
will include a Bible name, his agency name, and part
of his Chinese name.)
Thank you for all your
sweet comments and encouragement!


Mama Hen said...

Can't wait to meet Mr. Cutie!

Laine said...

WOW....he is a DOLL!!!!!!! I know you cannot WAIT!

CWHill said...

What a cutie pie!!!

Mrs. Jennifer said...

Well congrats. Glad Mr. Hai Hai has a fam!
Just wanted to tell you thank you for being my go-between! I really appreciate you getting those books to Wendy/me! What us nutty homeschoolers will do to avoid shipping costs :) !!

Bryan and Cantina Camp said...

He is precious! So glad for you all. He is not only get great parents but great siblings! What a blessing! Keep in touch.

Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...

Just precious!

smallseven said...

Oh he's just precious Rebekah! So excited for ya'll! I'll be praying about all the details with ya'll!

Just A Family said...

Cant't wait to meet this guy!