Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lessons from the Cat

We have a great mama cat. She provides us with fun kittens twice a year.
And everytime she is so faithful to take the time to train her babies.

Without fail, mama cat brings little animals up to the kitten nursery (aka our backporch) for her babies to learn to be big kitties. She brings the unlucky participant up to the screened porch and then lets it run around. She will then back off and watch.

Sure enough, the little kittens begin to realize their role in this exciting game.

She is faithful to recognize the need for their training
and consistent to provide opportunities for it.

As a mama, I realize I have the same responsibility

of teaching and training my children.

It is not always easy,

but I need to make sure I provide them the opportunity. :0)

A backyard garden does wonders for opportunity!

I commented to a friend that by the time I bought the landscaping fabric
for this year's experiment at better weed control,
in addition to buying the seeds and plants,
I wondered if I couldn't have just bought bulk
at the store or farmer's market! :0)

However, I could not buy the opportunity to train my children
in gardening and good ol' fashioned hard work.

This morning we read in Proverbs (again)
the value of diligence and the sad consequences of laziness.
Work doesn't come naturally to our flesh,
not to theirs or to mine. Yet, the rewards and dividends are priceless.

I read recently in one of Mary Ostyn's books
some good counsel on training children.
When teaching your child to (for example) clean the kitchen,
you are doing 3 very important things:

1. Building a relationship with that child.

2. Teaching them how to clean the kitchen.

3. Cleaning the kitchen.

So often we look for the end product in a day
instead of enjoying and valuing the process.

Of course, it can't be all work. . . .

Thank you, Lord, for these blessings!
In the Heart of our Home,

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Bryan and Cantina Camp said...

Thanks for the reminder! You are an encouragement!