Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Somebody's Turning One!!!

I can't believe it. It just can't be true.
No matter how much I love on him and savor each moment,
he keeps getting older!

Little Brother is having his first birthday!

Oh, my. He is such a honey. Mama's Sweet Potato.

Even though the first week was rough with an unexpected visit in the NICU,

God was gracious.

Life with Little Brother is a blast. . . .and so so sweet. He is like a dream come true.

Hey,. . .I'm not the only one who's smitten. ;-)

I think I need a spoon, and it's not for the cake!

Thank you, Lord, for this precious blessing.

In the Heart of our Home,



Jill said...

I can't believe it either! Happy Birthday little brother!

Mama Hen said...

Give your sweet baby a kiss from me! Happy Birthday Little Brother!
I love the first two pictures. So sweet.

Bryan and Cantina Camp said...

WOW! Can't believe he has grown so much! Hard to believe a year goes by that fast! We are expecting in January! Thanks for keeping your blog updated! Tell everyone we said hey!

smallseven said...

Can't believe it's already been a year! He is precious Rebekah!

Just A Family said...

Happy happy birthday ittle B..
The girls said to tell you a special

love from the White house

Anonymous said...

Rebekah, I cannot believe he is one already! He is just precious! All of the others are getting so big! I cannot believe how grown up little sister looks, or how tall and grown Big brother looks! I am so excited you are being able to adopt! Hai Hai is just precious! I really enjoy reading your updates and seeing the pictures! I miss you guy and all those precious little (and big) ones :) Hope you are doing well! ~ love ya ~ Krystal Magni