Sunday, July 18, 2010

Why We Are Adopting, Part One

"You mean you want another kid?" This question was posed to my husband recently when the conversation was turned to our adoption process.

"Yes," dear hubby assured him.

But thinking of our other six children, the concerned fellow responded, "But is that legal?"


Of course, I understand that not everyone has the same perspective we do, so I thought I would share just a smidgen of our story and how God has brought us down this road.

I have not always wanted to adopt. In fact, I never considered it until after our first child was born. It was after viewing a popular talk show's episode on the plight of Romanian orphans that I began to feel God prick at my heart.

The Lord was so generous and continued to bless us with biological children. Even after our fourth child was born, I remember looking into Chinese adoptions online. I remember being re-inspired by Steven Curtis Chapman. Yet, when I saw the cost of international adoption, I was so overwhelmed and discouraged. I remember thinking, "This is such a wonderful idea, but it must be for other people. (People with money. . .;0) People who do not have children."

God began to change my thinking, though. My husband went on his first international mission trip in 2005 to the country of Nicaragua. He was changed forever.

He persuaded me to return with him on another trip. For the first time, I saw real poverty, first-hand. I was overwhelmed, confused, sad, yet blessed beyond all measure.

And for the first time, I held real orphans in my arms.

For the first time, they were no longer faces on the tv screen.

They were as real as you and I. They each had a story. They each needed a loving family.

I was broken. I returned to the US, seeing everything differently, for the first time.

The orphans there opened my eyes to a world of children who need a family.

It slowly began to sink in. There are 147 million orphans all around this world.

147 million.

My husband and I finally realized that there are way too many orphans for us to think we have enough children.


Symasek Family Circus said...

You have spoken my heart - exactly. It was when I was 14, and I held an orphan in Korea that my life changed forever. Love you and am praying for you guys!

*Overflowing* said...

Wonderful post! Once you hear the cry of the orphan, you can no longer turn can no longer hide from all that the Lord is calling you to do. Awesome!!! Can't wait till your sweet one is in your arms!!

Christel, Jerry, Alex and Anthony said...

Thanks for sharing!!! I wish more Christians would have this experience. This is something God wants for all of us to experience. This is something that i am SOOOO passionate about! Bless you guys and i will pray for your process to move along and for you to get every thing, EVERYTHING you need as fast as possible.
Christel :)

David & Janet Hurley said...

I'mmmmm waaaaaaaiting for part 2 =)
Patience is not my thing.