Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mission Trip Pics

Our family has a burden for missions and a particular love for the dear and precious people of Nicaragua. My husband has been going on missions to this country since 2005 and began taking teams the following year.

Our goal is for our work to focus on sharing the Gospel. We do this through barrio evangelism, pastors' conferences, women's Bible studies, church services, various children's ministry opportunities, and orphan ministry.

For the past 5 years we have served primarily in the city of Juigalpa. This month we ministered in 2 areas that were new to us and located in the Managua area. It was a huge blessing and honor to serve with the brothers and sisters there and partner with them in the ministry of the Gospel.

I hope you have time to view this slide show of our most recent trip. Our team consisted of 14 fabulous men and women who forged new trails with us! Ten members were from our home state of Alabama (including Middle Sister--her first trip down), and four came from Arkansas. Everyone was a blessing.

(Disclaimer: This slide show was created for our own church's missions night, so it might be a little NCBC of O.-heavy. ;0)

(Special thanks to Andrew C. from our church for helping me convert the slide show. \0/)


Mrs. Jennifer said...

beautiful! Schyler and I LOVE hearing from missionaries! Thanks!

Mrs. Jennifer said...

Got my book today! Thanks! I've already started it!
P.S. - So do I win most frequent commenter?!?