Saturday, September 25, 2010

Junk Posse Fundraiser!

God has been so gracious to use kind individuals to encourage us along the way in this adoption process. Dear friends have stood beside us through the ups and downs of the first half of this journey, and since we have found Hai Hai and been paperchasing for him, many more have stood in the gap to help us fundraise.

One of those precious people is an incredible lady named Tracy from Junk Posse. We first "met" Tracy when my dear hubby bought this AWESOME necklace for me for Mother's Day.

I ABSOLUTELY love it!!! It is so precious to me, and per hubby's request, Tracy even engraved a Scripture reference on the back. Believe me when I say that I wear this almost EVERY DAY!!!

Take a look at some of her other pieces of art:

Isn't this beautiful?!

Tracy has a heart for Africa as one of her little granddaughters was adopted from there.

I just love this--"Not flesh of my flesh" poem.

Look at this one! This is her "I Chose You" heart pendant. She will add your child's name and even include a date, if you wish.

This would be perfect for any mom! How do you say Mother in many languages?

As would this! All mamas and grandmamas and aunts love to show off their precious kiddos!

There are many others on her site, and she will even custom design a piece of jewelery, if you desire! As you can see, Tracy at Junk Posse is very talented.

You see, Tracy is an adoptive mom herself and now an adoptive grandmother. She has already caught the vision of adoption and is standing in the gap to help others raising funds for their adoptions.

Tracy has extended a generous opportunity to us. She will be donating 30% of her sales to our family's adoption fundraising process! When you purchase one of her awesome pieces of jewelery, just be sure to include a note or comment that says, "Hixon Family," and she will donate 30% of her sales to bringing Hai Hai home! (A few pieces already designated to a non-profit or other family excluded.)

Isn't that incredible!

With one purchase, you get great jewelery, perhaps an awesome gift for someone you love, and invest in the life of our precious Hai Hai!

Please go see Junk Posse and take a look around! If you see something you like, don't forget to include "Hixon Family" in the notes/comments! Thanks! :-)


*Overflowing* said...

YAHOO!!! LOVE, LOVE Tracy...I met her many, many years ago! She did an amazing custom piece for me!!!

Praying you get lots of orders!

The Ferrill's said...

Love that jewelry, what an awesome fundraiser!

And I love the pics of your baby walking! Adorable!