Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thank You for Bake Sale Help!

We had a great time at our Bake Sale this weekend, and the Lord blessed our efforts with $500!!! In addition, we received $125 in donations from precious individuals with a heart for adoption.

We give the Lord glory for His help!

We also are so, so, so thankful to all you sweet friends and family who baked and baked to help us with the items and also grateful to our sweet friends who braved the heat and humidity with us! You are each so precious.

How awesome it is to know that our Hai Hai is already loved by so many.

We are holding another bake sale this coming Saturday at a local grocery store and are trusting the Lord for the outcome. He has already been so good to us.


Jill said...

YAY!!! I'm so glad it went well!

smallseven said...

So glad it went so well. I know ya'll have worked hard! I'll be praying for Saturdays sale.I feel confident that God will bless it!