Friday, October 29, 2010

Why I Love Homeschooling: Reasons # 138, 139, 140, and 141

Lunch with best friends. . . .;-)

P.E. in the park

(Or should we call this recess. . .or just plain fun?)

Science and Moonpies in the fall leaves. . . .

And I LOVE that Big Sister still spends time with her younger sisters.

Holdin' on to these days as they seem to be passin' ever so fast. . . . . . .

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Now Where is that Cape?

So I get up this morning with my sweet children in mind. They love homemade cinnamon rolls.

So at 5:15 AM I am working away, smiling at the thought of those happy little faces.

Ya know, it takes a while to make these little gems. (There's a reason Pillsbury charges so much for those pop n fresh cans.)

I'm even beginning to think, "These are going to be so good. Maybe I should just get rid of this old apron and find my supermom cape."

The kids rise and begin drooling. The rolls rise and begin oozing. Yumminess dripping--tempting us all.

Well, we all need a pridebuster. . . .I guess.

As those fabulous looking rolls have only 5 minutes left and the homemade maple icing is ready to be applied, I notice something seeping from the oven.

It's not. Oh, yes it is.


The next thing I know we are opening windows, turning on fans, and at that point, I think my cape blew out the kitchen window. . . . . .

Yep. About the time we saw flames in the oven.

Or maybe it was when the smoke alarm went off.

Or was it when hubby had to call ADT and ask that they NOT send a fire truck?

Cause he had doused the fire with flour.

But he was a sweetie. I think he needs the cape.

He volunteered to go get breakfast from McDonald's.

Update: One pan is salvageable. Older Brother renamed homemade cinnamon rolls "Smokies." I guess when I get the oven cleaned out I can finish baking the other pan. Easy Oven anyone???

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Privilege

I love this pic. Middle Sister is stirring the eggs for our breakfast burritos, and she has Little Brother on her hip, giving him a turn at the bowl.

Obviously, she didn't need his help. But she allowed him the opportunity to help and get involved in the task.

Of course, he loved it.

I just love her heart.

And it reminded me of Christ.

You know, He doesn't need us. He has been doing fine for all eternity without us.

I noticed this Scripture while reading The Attributes of God by A.W. Pink:

"Below the nations are as a drop of a bucket, and are counted as the small dust of the balance: behold, He taketh up the isles as a very little thing. And Lebanon is not sufficient to burn, nor the beasts thereof sufficient for a burnt offering. All nations before him are as nothing; and they are counted to him less than nothing, and vanity. To whom then will we liken God? or what likeness will ye compare unto him" (Isaiah 40:15-18)?

Yet He loves us, sustains us, and even gave Himself for us.

Then He lets us get involved in what He is doing.

He invites us to value what He values, care about what He cares about, and then calls us to get involved in the task.

We get to "stir the eggs."

What a blessing. What a privilege.

Ni Hao Y'all

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Christmas Frenzy: A Chance to Make Eternal Investments!

There is an awesome Mom over at My Cup Overfloweth who wants to make a difference in the lives of Christmas shoppers and adopting families at the same time! Stacy and her husband just came home from China last month with a sweet little boy, and she definitely has a passion for orphans! She has offered much encouragement to me over the past few months, and I love her heart!

She is making it possible for Christmas shoppers to buy Christmas gifts that make eternal differences!!!

You can go to her site and link to several adopting families who are fundraising to bring their precious children home to their forever families.

Imagine! Giving gifts that make eternal differences!!! Instead of shopping retail and fighting the crowds, you could invest in the life of an orphan (James 1:27) right from your chair! :0)

Below are some of our fundraisers that are helping to bring our little Hai Hai home:

1. Tracy at Junk Posse is offering us an incredible opportunity! If you purchase jewelery from Junk Posse and include "Hixon Family" in the comment/notes section, she is donating 30% of the profits to our adoption efforts! (Just make sure it is not a piece already designated to a non-profit.) She has some AWESOME jewelery that you definitely want to see! She will even custom-design for you!

2. Our family is also selling these great t-shirts through Adoption Bug! These are fabulous shirts! What a great way to promote adoption, family, and love! Please consider one of these shirts as we will receive proceeds from these sales, and the proceeds will go directly to our adoption efforts!

3. One of my dear friends Christy is a Mary Kay consultant, and she has offered us a generous fundraising opportunity. If you buy the Satin Hands Pampering Set, we will receive 40% of the sale. (If you have never tried Mary Kay's Satin Hands, you are in for a treat!) This wonderful set even comes in a great gift bag, so you would be all set with this as a Christmas gift! Be sure to put "Hixon" in the comment field at checkout. Please go see Christy's website!

4. Now, for those of you who just don't see anything here grandma would like, or for those of you who just really enjoy the spirit of department store Christmas shopping, we are selling tickets to Belk's Charity Sale Event, which is Saturday, November 6th from 6 AM til 10 AM. This is a private sale event with 20%-70% off storewide (including "special savings on rarely discounted brands"). These tickets are only $5, and with the ticket, you not only get in the sale event, you get $5 off your first purchase! ("Ticket valid on your first regular, sale, or clearance purchase.") If you would like a few of these, please email me at

Please consider Christmas shopping from one of our fundraisers! I will have a "thank you giveaway" for all those who make a purchase between now and November 16th. If you purchase from one of the above items, we will put you in our "thank you giveaway" and randomly select a few winners. Right now the prizes include an Adoption Bug t-shirt (winner selects style and size) and a $20 gift card to Target. And since the idea behind Christmas Frenzy rings so true with the message of David Platt's book, I think I will include his book Radical in the prizes! (More prizes were be included if they become available. ;0)

If you purchase an item from one of our fundraisers, please email me or leave a comment, and I will enter you into the "thank you giveaway." If you are not a follower here at In the the Heart of our Home, we will give you an additional entry into the "thank you giveaway" when you sign up to follow!

AND IT GETS BETTER!!! If you purchase from our fundraisers or from any others listed at My Cup Overfloweth, Stacy will enter you into HER giveaway! How awesome is that?

Whew! Sounds like some awesome multi-tasking! :0)

Sunday Snapshot: {A Vision Deferred}

As many of you know, our vision to adopt was birthed a long time before 2010. The Lord first whispered a faint prompting way back in 1997. Then again in 2001, I felt the small stirring and caught a glimpse of a foggy "vision."

But the pieces just didn't seem to logically fit in our puzzle.

Of course, everything the Lord works does not necessarily always seem logical.

It wasn't until 2006 that the vision of adoption and the call of the orphan seemed real. God seemed to firmly plant the seed in our hearts and began to water it with His Word and by unveiling the worldwide plight of the orphan right before our eyes.

One would naturally think that if God is giving the vision, the family is willing and available, and the need is so great, things would fall together in a nice cookie-cutter ending.

But it didn't.

And we had valleys and more valleys.

Many valleys that only a few of you know about.

And I watched as friend after friend brought precious children home to their forever families.

So, of course, I wondered, "Is this God's vision or ours? Are we responding to His call or that of our emotions?"

Yet, He would not lift the burden.

And here we are, 4 years later with an LID for this precious little son!

Many, many times I would wonder, "Why, why did the Lord give us this vision so many years before He actually planned to bring it to fruition?"

And then I look at this sweet face:

When we were waiting for our LID, my husband remarked that LID didn't just stand for Log in Date. He said it must also stand for Lessons in Discipline. ;-) He said the entire journey has been just that. The Lord working on us and refining more and more of ourselves.

A dear friend pointed out an entry of Oswald Chambers in My Utmost for His Highest which addresses this very thought. You see, in Exodus 2, Moses saw the plight of his people when he "looked on their burdens" (v. 11). He saw their oppression and seemed to want to do something about it right then.

But not surprisingly, God had another plan.

He sent Moses into the desert to feed sheep for 40 years.

Hmmm. . .

Then, after 40 years of becoming who God wanted Moses to be for the job, He sent him back to follow through with God's plan.

I must admit, I have often felt like we were sent into the wilderness during the past 4 years. But I have learned to trust God more than I ever thought possible.

And I have learned I don't think I trust Him enough.

I have learned that God is ever so faithful.

And I have learned I don't think I am faithful enough.

But, nevertheless, . . . . .Lord willing, I have learned to say,. . .we are finally on our way out of Midian.


(Today I am particpating in Sunday Snapshot over at Ni Hao Y'all. I may even try it next week, too! :-)

Ni Hao Y'all

Friday, October 15, 2010


Finally, after what felt like a LONG 3 1/2 weeks since DTC, we have our LID: October 11.

I know those of you in the adoption community (at least Ch*na) know what that means. For my other sweet friends, I will try to give you a better-explained update.

LID means Log in Date. This is when our dossier has been translated into Ch*nese and officially logged into their computer system. Officially waiting in their eyes. We won't begin to discuss how long we have really been waiting. . . . Another post on that soon.

What are we waiting on now? We are waiting on our LOA (Letter of Acceptance) which some are now calling LOC. Our sweet Lifeline social worker said it could take 2 months for this. If it comes sooner, we will just be pleasantly surprised. (Doesn't mean I won't have both phones in my pockets from November on. . . .;0)

After the LOA, several important things occur between US and American consulate in Ch*na and Ch*n* Center of Ad*ption Aff*ars, several little details I can't begin to explain now; remember, I'm a rookie. But after the LOA, we can expect TA (travel approval) in approximately 8 weeks. TA is Ch*na's official invitation for us to travel to said country and get our Hai Hai!

So there you go, in an NS (nutshell). :0)

This weekend I want to post and tell you what my hubby says LID really means. :0)

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Today has been an absolutely wonderful day. I got to spend most of the day with my 2 oldest sons.

We saw the play Zorro!, and it was fabulous! (If you are a local friend and have a chance, you must go see it at the BCT at the BJCC. Funny!)

In addition, I opened my inbox to find !21! precious pics of another son!

A few weeks ago, we were able to send Hai Hai a birthday cake (through Ladybugs n Love), and we just received the greatest pictures! (If Blogger were a little faster, I would show them ALL to you, but I must refrain. ;-)

Isn't he a cutie? I'm sure ready to bring him home.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happenin's Around the Home

We have definitely had a busy few weeks. In less than a month we had 3 major fundraisers. The last one was a 2-day yard sale, and the Lord blessed us with $800! Praise to Him!

I guess some of my kids are getting the swing of things b/c Little Sister came in the other day and informed me she was raising money to go get Hai Hai.

Her fundraiser?

A clothes hanger sale on the front porch. ;0)

She also had a few pairs of scissors for sale.

She made $5 and brought it to me saying she now had enough to go to China with us.

Course, even though it has felt like all work lately, there has still been a little time for some fun.

It seems there is often some sort of front yard football going on around here.

Meet the newest recruit. . . .;0)

He might need his own rookie card.

I think he had a great game, even if his mama did have to carry him off the field!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

One Less

When you think about all the orphans in the world, all those precious children who need families and homes, it can be so overwhelming. Sometimes we can help several or even many at a time.

But so often it is just "one at a time."

We know that when we bring our precious little Hai Hai home, there will be "one less" waiting.

Which is why when I heard the song "One Less" by Matthew West, I was overcome with emotion and so pumped at the same time.

Below is Matthew West story behind the song: