Friday, October 15, 2010


Finally, after what felt like a LONG 3 1/2 weeks since DTC, we have our LID: October 11.

I know those of you in the adoption community (at least Ch*na) know what that means. For my other sweet friends, I will try to give you a better-explained update.

LID means Log in Date. This is when our dossier has been translated into Ch*nese and officially logged into their computer system. Officially waiting in their eyes. We won't begin to discuss how long we have really been waiting. . . . Another post on that soon.

What are we waiting on now? We are waiting on our LOA (Letter of Acceptance) which some are now calling LOC. Our sweet Lifeline social worker said it could take 2 months for this. If it comes sooner, we will just be pleasantly surprised. (Doesn't mean I won't have both phones in my pockets from November on. . . .;0)

After the LOA, several important things occur between US and American consulate in Ch*na and Ch*n* Center of Ad*ption Aff*ars, several little details I can't begin to explain now; remember, I'm a rookie. But after the LOA, we can expect TA (travel approval) in approximately 8 weeks. TA is Ch*na's official invitation for us to travel to said country and get our Hai Hai!

So there you go, in an NS (nutshell). :0)

This weekend I want to post and tell you what my hubby says LID really means. :0)


Christine said...

COngrats! I would say this is the Biggest paperwork step for Ch*na. Each step brings you closer and closer to the final day! HAve a great day!

Mama Hen said...


God's Grace said...

Great that you finally know your LID! I know I'll be watching my email everyday until I get one. Have a great weekend Rebekah!

Kelly said...

So happy to meet another big, homeschooling, adopting family...I do hope you get to travel and bring your son home soon! I think the wait must be much harder once to have your child's picture. What a blessed little fellow to come home to such love!

Christel, Jerry, Alex and Anthony said...


*Overflowing* said...

Beautiful, wonderful news!!! I am so excited for you! I promise it goes quick from may not seem like it but you will have your little man in your arms before you know!!!

David and Janet Hurley said...

With school and Christmas, keep busy, and he will be home before you know it. Congratulations!!