Thursday, December 9, 2010

Little Sister's Big Day

Today our sweet baby girl turned six! I just can't believe our Little Sister is six years old!!!

She has been such a joy on our lives. Little Sister has such a fun personality and a free spirit.

Life is never dull with Little Sister around! She has such a quick wit and easy-going personality. We are always entertained with her around!

Here she is on her birthday with her long-awaited Pillow Pet. (Has anyone else heard enough about these yet???)

Happy Birthday, Little Sister.

We love you so very much!!!


Mama Hen said...

Happy Birthday Little Sister!!!! You bring joy and happiness to a lot of lives.

And yes, I know all about pillow pets. Its been on Abbie's list for a long long time.

Jill said...

Happy Birthday!!! I heard we'll be family someday since she and James are "engaged"!

Mrs. Jennifer said...

Well happy birthday to her!
And can I just say oh my goodness! if I hear one more thing about the blasted pillow pet! Schyler has to hug one every time we see one. She says she has asked her grandmother for one for her birthday, so I said it's a good thing! Those things are expensive!