Monday, December 27, 2010

Since You've Been on the Edge of Your Seats. . .

We definitely had an interesting Christmas. We thought we had escaped a full run of it b/c we were all virus-free on Christmas Eve Day. But, unfortunately, seven out of eight of our dear family eventually suffered from the dreaded stomache virus, including yours truly on Christmas Day.

I remember lying in bed on Christmas morning (I had already managed to sit in the living room long enough to see everyone open their Christmas presents) and hearing a few sounds here and there from children playing.

I was thinking, "I can't believe I am missing all this on Christmas Day!" But before I fell into the black pit of self-pity, the Lord reminded me that it was for sickness that Christ came anyway.

It is the sickness of sin that put us all in such a need for peace. A need for a Savior. And in all our sickness, the Lord God already had a plan.

His plan didn't look like the world expected, as do so many of His plans, but His plan was for God the Son to come to earth in the form of a human to save us from our sickness. . .the fatal sickness of sin.

And for that I am thankful.

But here we are. . .on the other side of the valley of the virus. . .washing and cleaning and cloroxing. Tomorrow we will take down the tree.

Mama Hen and her family were supposed to come visit tomorrow for our monthly get together, but there is flu at her house. So she doesn't want to come here and get the stomache virus, and I don't want her to bring the FLU here! So we are just giving hugs through the phone and waiting a bit on that visit! ;-)

Before the onslaught of the Beast, we did get a few Christmas pics, and my children snapped a few shots of the very rare White Alabama Christmas.


Serving the King said...

Oh bless your sweet heart! Sick on Christmas...totally no fun. John and I once had food poisoning on Christmas when I was about 4 months pregnant with the twins. Oh goodness. Not our fondest memories. I did much the same that year, laid on the couch barely able to watch the other two boys open their gifts. Ugh. Glad you all are on the mend!

*Overflowing* said...

Oh is such a bummer to be sick on Christmas :( BUT I'm happy to hear you are on the mend! Beautiful pictures!!!!

CWHill said...

I love the picture of you, your dad, and big sister. What a blessing and glad you guys are feeling better.