Thursday, January 13, 2011

Help Another Adoptive Family

We have a sweet friend who is actually a "real life" friend ;-), and they are in the process of their 5th and 6th China adoptions. Janet is an amazing lady who loves the Lord and has a precious family! Their son Waid actually came home from Tianjin, which is where our little Hai Hai is waiting!

When Janet was preparing to leave this past August to bring Waid home, she was so thoughtful that she offered to make room in her very limited bag for a blanket I was sending to Hai Hai, and on their Gotcha Day still made it a point to give the blanket to the orphanage director. (I hope when I am preparing to leave I still have enough sense to think of others! LOL!)

Please go to their blog to read their story to their newest children and consider participating in their fundraiser. You could win an Ipad!! :-)

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David and Janet Hurley said...

Thank you for your sweet words!
We love you guys.