Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thanking Him in the Big Things and in the Small

We have been blessed in many ways these past few days. Some big and some little.

In no particular order. . . .

Blessing #1
The children and I were in a Birmingham thrift store the other day when we ran into some friends from the children's art co-op class. They were surprised to see us and said they happened to have something in their van for us.

We learned that their sweet 9 year old daughter and 2 other friends the same age had been making handmade greeting cards and selling them to benefit our adoption. Right in the middle of the thrift store (which is not even in my neck of the woods), she presented us with $100.I was shocked and very humbled. We were blessed by their love and compassion, and I got another small glimpse into the way the Lord works in the hearts of His people on behalf of the orphan.

Blessing #2
You see, Big Sister (as well as all our children) have been on Cloud 9 about our adopting from the very beginning. Once we learned back in March that we were bringing Hai Hai into our family, Big Sister had made up her mind she was buying him a special gift just from her. She soon decided she would purchase a Panda at the Build-a-Bear store at first opportunity. Back in the summer the Panda came home with us and has been waiting for Hai Hai ever since.

Upon learning we were bringing Zheng Zheng into our family, Big Sister soon realized she needed another Panda. However, Build-a-Bears are not cheap, and their store is also not in my neck of the woods. :-) I had encouraged her to settle for something else.

Well, while visiting the thrift store the other day, Big Sister and Middle Sister came hurrying to me with a "You are not going to believe this!" look on their faces. Right there on the thrift store shelf was a Build-a-Bear Panda. Just like the one she already had. What a precious and tangible reminder to us all that God cares about the details.

Blessing #3
My dear friend April and her family planned a special fundraising event for Hai Hai and Zheng Zheng. She organized an Old Fashioned HoeDown, and it was a blast!

She reserved a great venue and some awesome callers, and we had loads of fun last night, dancing the night away! (OK, so I danced 3 dances, but my feet felt like it was all night. . .;-)

Everyone enjoyed it so much, and it was definitely multi-generational, which I think is THE WAY TO GO!!! We had grandparents, moms and dads, newlyweds, young adults, children, and babies, all dancing for a cause! I don't think we could have had a more fun and joyous fundraiser!

We were so thankful for the many, many families who attended the fundraiser. The Lord blessed us with another $952. He is ever so faithful.

Looking out at the many who participated, my husband commented, "The Lord continues to show how much He loves adoption."

(Thank you, Kathy, for this group pic!)

In our long, long journey in and to adoption, we have learned a lot of things. Things about ourselves and also about the Lord. One thing we know for sure, He does love adoption, and He certainly loves the orphan.

"I will not leave you as orphans. I will come to you" (John 14:18).

What about you???

Ni Hao Yall


Mama Hen said...

Oh, you look so cute with your bandana!!! I sooo wish I could have been there.

You are getting so close!

Mrs. Jennifer said...

Rebekah!! Why was the hoedown not on your blog!?! Schyler is obsessed with square dancing and we would have loved to come!! I'm so sad! But so happy for the little guys! (We could just both deny resopnsibility and blame it on Wendy for not telling us- that would be more fun!;)

David and Janet Hurley said...

OK--all the pics show what fun that was, but the group one at the end gave me chills! Is that little sister under big sister's pic?? cute dress!!
Amazing that big sister found that panda!!! Isn't is awesome that God met the desire of her heart to get a panda for both boys. Kids see and hear us talking about what God can do, but sometimes it doesn't sink in until something like that happens to them. I'm sure big sister is old enough to have realized some of the adoption miracles along the way, but wasn't that cool for the littles to see!!

Sally-Girl! said...

This looks like a blast!!! Great idea!

Chantelle said...

Looks like everyone had fun! Wish we could have come!

Mrs. Jennifer said...

Hi Rebekah, A woman I go to church with is pregnant with her 11th - and has been induced every time. I told her (didn't Wendy tell me before??) that you had to be induced every time, too. WHen she heard that, she mentioned that she really would like to talk to you. Do you think it would be okay for me to give her your email? She may not contact you, but you two may have helpful info for one another. WHo knows?! Let me know what you think -

Family said...

Wow this brought tears to my eyes..God is so good and its neat how he lets everyone be a part of the adoption journey!

RM said...

I love the panda at the thrift store. I can totally relate, bet your daughter was just delighted and amazed, what a great teaching moment:) God provides us with EVERYTHING...and delights in doing so!