Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Specks of Light in the Darkness

Grief is hard.  There is no way around it.  The sadness that weighs my heart is heavy.

But God's grace is always sufficient.  And He is faithful.  Maybe soon I will be able to share how His grace has sustained me in these hard days, but right now I am still walking through it.

I do want to testify of His amazing hand in our adoption journey.

As many of you know, we have been counting on the Lord to move mountains as we prepare to bring not just one precious boy home but two precious boys home.  For we started this process a year ago with about half of what it takes to complete one adoption.  The Lord has taken the insufficient amount that we had and multiplied it in His sufficiency to complete not just one adoption. . .but two!

In the past week or so, we have received a $500 donation, a $1000 grant, and our tax refund! :-)

God has moved the mountains for both our boys!  What a testimony the Lord is building in our sons.  And He has used many of you to write the story.  When I look in their faces I will always be reminded of His faithfulness and of your love and compassion.

To God be the glory.


Annette said...

Wow! Fully funded! How exciting for you guys! Isn't God just simply amazing?! Praying that your sweet little treasures will be in your arms really soon.

Mama Hen said...

Why are we even surprised?

Now, just waiting on TA!

Serving the King said...

That is awesome Rebekah! And I sooo owe you an email back! Sheesh, is averaging one month to return emails considered slow? LOL I CANNOT WAIT to follow your journey to those boys!!