Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Still here.......

In more ways than one......;)

Life has been extremely busy these past few weeks.

Between the grief of losing a parent, the work and emotional load of organizing and sorting their lifelong belongings, and the anticipation of adoption and travel to China, I think I'm living in the "margins" of my life right now.

We are working beyond what we would normally *think* are our time and energy limitations in hopes that when we return home with our precious darlings perhaps it will be calm, normal (what's that?)or at least a new normal, and stable around here.

God is so faithful and teaching me to live day by day, sometimes hour by hour ;).

We have enjoyed celebrating a few things around here, such as Bigger Brother turning 13, Zheng Zheng turning 4, and Little Sister losing a top tooth.

We were so blessed again by our sweet friends at church as they gave us a baby/adoption shower. These dears have been unbelievable in their show of love throughout our many fundraisers, their support after Daddy's passing, and then with this fun and very helpful shower.  We are blessed beyond belief with a church that values children and their arrival, whether the child is your first, your tenth, by the miracle of birth, or by the miracle of adoption.

In adoption news, we have now been waiting two weeks for travel approval. Hopefully, we will be getting a call soon!  We are waiting in hopeful anticipation to see how the Lord continues to write our story.


Serving the King said...

Hey girl! I'm just getting back into blog land and was just catching up with all that has transpired with you guys for the last couple of weeks. I'm so sorry for your loss. I can't wait, can't wait, can't wait to follow your journey to those boys!

Jean said...

I am so sorry for the passing of your father- that is so hard. What an array of emotions you must be having and so much on your plate.

I am catching up on posts so- I'm feeling very thankful that your time has come to go to China and get your boys! Blessings on your journey!