Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Finding our Groove

We are home, and things are going well!  (or at least in my mind :)  It is so nice to be able to relax and take the time to get to know the two precious jewels the Lord has allowed us to love and parent. 

They both seem very happy (most of the time).  They seem very comfortable in the home, thrive off of playing with their new siblings, and can't get enough of the yard and the outdoors.

The jetlag has been a little mean, so it has not been too hard to enjoy the downtime and slowing down to love on these sweeties and help them transition to our family, the family structure, and the family rules.

We haven't started back to the school yet.  In a way, I look forward to getting into that new normal, and in a way I dread the extra responsibilities. ;-)  But I know it will definitely help give everyone the routine to which they are accustomed.  Our summer break is about to end. ;-)

Tomorrow we will be taking Jonathan to the International Adoption Clinic.(that is assuming we aren't blown off course by the predicted bad weather) I believe it will be a big asset to us as we try to learn everything we can about this precious son.  They both have orthopedic appointments later in May.

I expect to continue journaling on their website; I hope to have it made into a keepsake book after a year.  www.jonathanandjosiah.com

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Preparing for Travel

These past few days have been a whirlwind of preparations in anticipation of going to get our sons!

We definitely leave Thursday morning for the very looooooong trip to Ch*na (which includes 4 airports).  As of today, 70% of us are packed and ready to go.  I won't mention who is included in the 30%.  ;-)

Tomorrow we should have our itinerary for in-country.  We have a good idea of what it will look like, and it should be another whirlwind since we will be receiving both boys in different cities the first week!  This will be crazy, but the bright side is that it will help keep our costs down in several different ways.

Ch*na blocks blogger, so this tends to make blogging a bit difficult while there. ;-)  There are a few alternatives, and one that I had planned to try seems to have given a few adoptive families trouble lately.  So we will be updating and journaling daily (maybe, hopefully, lol) through our new baby jellybeans website. 

You can read about our Journey to Jonathan and Josiah at http://www.jonathanandjosiah.com/.  We hope you will follow along!

(And, yes, I am going public with my children's names.  Might as well be transparent here, all in the spirit of keepin' it real. ;-)