Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Details for Sonia


Well, I'm in China, and I realize something is amiss.

So I think, "maybe I am just stressed. Maybe I just need more sleep."

A week later in China, suddenly the breakfast buffets don't seem so yummy. And the Pearl River cruise makes me even queezier than it makes Jonathan.

And the return flight home through 4 airports pushing a stroller and carrying a 22 month old in an Ergo seems really, really tough. ;)

So the first morning we are home and hubby can't sleep and is making a run to Walmart.

And I say, "How bout picking up a little test while you're there."

(pick hubby off the floor)

And the rest is history. :)

True story. (except the part about hubby on the floor ;)

Post-jetlag? We are very excited!


Mrs. Jennifer said...

Well, I don't know who Sonia is, but I'm glad she got us the details! We're women and we love the details!!
and I heart big fams!!
Those two little boys are going to have a lot of firsts this year!!

Serving the King said...

Bah-ha-ha-ha!! That is hysterical! I guess a little too much celebrating the arrival of the TA?!! Ha! Girl, I am so incredibly happy for you!!!

Mama Hen said...

Woo-Hoo! New babies, new sons, good stuff!

Shine Like Stars said...

Wow! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog so I could find you! I'm excited to watch the journey God has your family on! 7 blessings! Beautiful!! :)

David and Janet Hurley said...

I didn't get it at first--wondering who is Sonia, and why are you announcing her baby? The I read the previous post--can't believe I just talke to you (2days before th post)and you didn't tell me!!!!=0

jhand said...


I was wondering if there might be a fund set up to help the families, that you mentioned on your blog, that were affected by the tornados. Your neighbors here in Georgia would love to help them out in a more direct way than through the Red Cross. You can email me directly if you have any information on how we can help.

Lisa writes... said...