Sunday, July 24, 2011

Still Here. . .;)

OK, so I know it has been a long time!  I have become a backslidden blogger!  And I have been seriously considering repenting.  But that would require one more thing to think about, wouldn't it? 

God has been ever so faithful this past month or so, faithful in so many ways.  As I update you, I will relay God's goodness.

First, we celebrated Micah's 2nd birthday.  (what???)  He has been my Sweet Potato since before he was born, and we all just can't get enough of him!  He always has us giggling and wondering what he will think of next.

Once he turned the big T-W-O, we decided he needed to lose the pappy. 
So this little accessory. . . .

. . . .is now a thing of the past!

We have new chicks!

We've been busy with school. . . . .

And at least one fun field trip!

And celebrated Mary Grace's 10th birthday!!!!

Isn't she beautiful? 
And she's just as perty on the inside! :)

And though I haven't scanned his sonogram picture to prove it to you,
we have learned that Baby Sweet Pea is a little boy! 

Maybe he will get a "real" name before December, but I'm sure
Sweet Pea could serve him well. ;-)

Jonathan and Josiah have been home for 3 months!
Josiah is doing remarkably well.  He fits right in and seems very happy.

It is amazing how adjusted he seems.  He just clicks right along

like he has always been here!

He loves to explore and thrives off learning.  He is learning the
language so well that I am now spelling things I don't want him
to hear, lol!

He minds well and enjoys new experiences.

When I consider how well he has adjusted and how he
tries to and does fit into the groove so well, I can only
attribute it to the grace of God. 

Jonathan is also learning a lot and making a good deal of progress.
He has and is making great strides in the language, attachment,
and even some life skills.  

Jonathan has a lot of challenges ahead of him.  What we had once
considered the toughest challenge, his leg deformity, will be one of
the easiest to "fix."  (He is having surgery the first week of October on his leg
to prepare for a prosthesis.)

It is some of the recently discovered issues that won't have a "fix."

You see, we knew before going to China that Jonathan was "behind" the
other children in the orphanage.  The day we received him we realized he had significant
delays.  We had estimated that he might be 2 years delayed.
(The developmentalist confirmed he is developmentally
about 20-24 months.)

Since coming home and visiting quite a few specialists, we have
learned that Jonathan has a rare syndrome:  Syndrome XQ23 (plus about 10 more letters and numbers).
It is so rare, the geneticist has never seen it. . . .and says there is no literature written about it.
He's supposed to be getting back to us. . . . .

We have also learned that Jonathan has schitzencephaly, or a cleft in his brain.  This, along with the syndrome, causes significant delays. 

If I think about it all for too long, it is a little overwhelming.  The unknown is tough.

But we are encouraged by what we see in Jonathan.  He has made such remarkable
progress in the past 3 months, it is hard to be discouraged.

I mean, while it took him a month to call Daddy "Daddy" instead of "Mama,"
he did learn.

And he is already graduated from a pull-up to underwear.

And he is no longer terrified of American toilets. :)

And while the orphanage said he could say "a few simple words,"
he is now saying a few 3-word sentences in English!

 And one of his favorite things to say is "thank you, Mommy."
Which really makes my day.  :0)

So here again, I am seeing the grace of God.  I see His grace
in Jonathan's life and in his progress.  And I see it in how He
is equipping me to take each day,

There's really no sense in fretting over
whether Jonathan will ever live independently
or even if he will learn to read.

God has had Jonathan's life planned out from before
the foundation of the world.

I'm just glad He planned for me to be his Mommy!


Mama Hen said...

What a beautiful post Rebekah, and what a beautiful family. I love all the pictures and yes, Mary Grace is just as beautiful inside as outside. I am so glad our children can be friends. And I can't wait until your little boys are ready to hug me and say "Ms. Wendy". :) My heart might bounce out of my chest. And Sweet Pea better get ready for some serious smooching from me!

Paula said...

Rebekah, I miss you! I love your heart for your family and for your steadfast faith in a faithful God!

David and Janet Hurley said...

All beautiful! I think Jonathan is doing fantastic! And is not afraid of the toilets anymore....I STILL have to cover the automatic flusher thingy for Waid, and Avery too. And I love, love, love that big brother "wears" little brother.

Southern Cheesehead said...

yea! found your blog...and now as a result have found Paula's!!! It's great to see how the boys are me some things to expect as we're behind you a bit. Excited about the new boy addition!!! :-)

Suzie said...

You are an amazing lady! And pregnant now, too?? Bless you!! We were barely pregnant in China when we went to Fujian for #2 daughter. Maybe it's in the water??? HAHAH! I hope everything is going well!

Christel and Family... said...

SO nice to catch up a little on you guys, Rebekah! I am so glad things are going well! I have been so busy that i did not know about little jonathon's issues. I feel like i can totally understand. Kimi is still not talking... she is making more baby sounds and said dog and cat (sort of) once... but she is progressing, and we are so happy God put her in our family! The kids are are all so adorable and getting to grown up! hugs!

Jean said...

It is so good to get caught up on your family! All your children are beautiful treasure!!

We also found more out once we were home regarding our Emma. But we wouldn't want it any other way- so thankful she is home with us!