Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Little Setback

Ok, I will say it felt like a huge setback.  However, everything is a matter of perspective.

Tuesday Jonathan's dressing fell off in a public restroom, only to reveal that his incision had significantly opened.  Mmmmmm. . .not nice.  It was larger than a quarter, maybe half-dollar size.

Before I panicked, I pulled out the extra dressing supplies in my purse, rewrapped it, and fumbled for the doctor's number on my phone.

Now the reason we were in a public restroom is bc we were at Josiah's doctor appointment--a plastic surgeon (more details on this later).  I explained our predicament to the receptionist; she was very understanding and said she would get us right back (so we could see him and then get on to Jonathan's dr). 

Now a plastic surgeon could have been helpful in this situation, but I never got to meet him.  After waiting an hour and a half and never seeing even the shadow of this dr, I packed up the 8 kids and our stuff and left.  :/

Jonathan's doctor took us right in.  He looked at it and said it would have to be repaired in the OR. 

So Wednesday we were there at 6 AM.  The procedure went well.  Evidently, the skin that had been pulled over the knee did not survive.  The doctor had to trim away a good bit of dead tissue, and the wound could not be stitched back together.  They applied a wound vac which should accelerate the healing.

The doctor said he needed to change the wound vac in the OR bc it will be painful enough that he needs to be asleep again.  I think the total time with a wound vac should be around 2 weeks. 

Meanwhile, Jonathan is a bit stationary.  :)  The doctor discouraged walker use or other active movement at least until Monday.  Mama is discouraging most mobility.  ;)  Jonathan gets carried everywhere and gets to watch a lot of movies. 

Goal for the weekend?  No more setbacks. 

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southern cheesehead said...

how is everyone? Praying for you guys and for his healing so I was just curious on an update. I'm sure you have nothing else to do! :-)