Monday, October 3, 2011


Jonathan is resting.

The surgery went very well, and we are so thankful!

It must have gotten rough in recovery bc they came and got me saying, "He really wants his mommy."

(As an adoptive mommy, I do not take that for granted! Praising the Lord for positive attachment! But I can't imagine the fear of waking up in a strange, sterile room with strange adults.)

He had a rough 3-4 hours of pain and probably anesthesia issues. But for the past 2 hours, he has seemed somewhat more comfortable. Thanks to another dose of morphine and some benedryl, he is now napping peacefully.

Not sure he has really grasped what has happened today.

I think he will have a little physical therapy tomorrow.

Praising the Lord for His help today!!!


Green Gardening Girl said...

Rebekah, we are praying for your precious boy. Thank you for keeping us all updated. Praying for his Mommy too!

Laine said...

So thankful the surgery went so well! And thankful for good attachment...bless him!
We'll keep on praying as he recovers in the days and weeks ahead!