Friday, December 30, 2011

Gabriel's Birth: God's Miraculous Timing

We arrived at the hospital on time, noticing all the clean and fresh details of a facility that had only been open for 2 weeks.  Everything went as planned for the first hour, even though this aspect of preparing for delivery was all new to us.  At 6:30, my doctor checked on baby with a sonogram, and Gabriel had interestingly turned to breech.  (He had been transverse the day before.) 

The anesthesiologist then came in to give the epidural; he was finished by 6:45.  After I laid back down to await the upcoming procedure, the nurse began re-attaching the monitors.  At that point, she became very nervous and another nurse came in to assist.  They began turning me from side to side, saying the baby's heartrate had plummetted.  Everything went very quickly from that point.  I remember the nurse calling for my doctor and saying we would be having this c-section sooner than we thought. 

They rolled me down the hall, leaving Eric behind bc they weren't sure if the epidural would be effective enough so soon, thinking I might be put to sleep.  All this time, I remember begging the Lord to save Gabriel.  And the only verse I could recall was Philippians 4:7:

"Let your gentleness be made known to all men; the Lord is at hand."

"The Lord is at hand.  The Lord is at hand.  The Lord is at hand." 

Later, I remember the nurseanethesist asking me if I had been praying when they brought me in.  When I answered yes, (of course! what else could I do?!) she said, "I thought you must.  You were so calm."  That can only be the Lord's strength.

It was very scary.  The unknown of not having a full grasp on even how long Gabriel could survive.  Would they get him in time?  Thankfully, our doctor, who has now delivered all 7 of our bio babies, leaned around the drape and reassured me:  "Beck, everything is going to be OK." 

Eric was allowed in the room, and he sat down beside me just seconds before Dr. McK brought our precious baby boy into the world, snatching him from his perilous condition.  Gabriel Isaiah Hixon was born.  At 7:09 AM.  All in God's perfect timing. 

Had we been at home, we would have never known of his circumstance.  We would not have realized that he had finally turned again to vertex but compressed his cord.  We would not have known until we realized he was no longer moving.  It is overwhelming even now to consider what might have been. 

And if I had had my own way, I would never have been there for a scheduled c-section.  But my own "wisdom" is mere foolishness to God.  He can be trusted.  Even in that hallway that seemed so, so long between the pre-op and the operating room, my mind was trying to tell my heart that no matter what God did, no matter what He had written for our lives, it would be OK. 

I'm just so thankful that His "OK," his providence, included Gabriel's quick rescue and safe delivery.  We don't deserve one safe delivery, much less seven, and definitely not nine amazing blessings. 

The Lord is most assuredly at hand.


Cantina Camp said...

Awesome testimony! He is precious and God is GREAT!! So excited for you all and that Mr. Gabriel is safe and well! :)

MamaHen said...

Well, he is delightful and wonderful and cuddly and the little sounds he makes just about do me in.