Sunday, February 19, 2012

Neurology and Knees

While this blog is not all about Jonathan, I did promise an update!  Sometimes it takes a while, lol.

Our prosthetisist had hoped a better knee would be easier for Jonathan to use, but he was not able to find another one that is small enough.  The one we would like him to use is too big, and he needs to grow about 2 more inches for it to work with his leg.  So for the time being, we are keeping his prosthesis locked.  We are happy with this decision because he is very confident walking this way and able to enjoy his mobility!  We will just keep a check on his growth!

Also, for Jonathan, Friday was a big day.  We had been waiting since last summer to get in with the local pediatric neurologist.  I was very pleased with the doctor, even though he was younger than me!  What is that all about???  He had a good personality and spent a lot of time with us. 

We viewed the MRI images while he talked about schizencephaly.  We looked at the cleft in his brain, and the doctor explained better about the weakness on Jonathan's left side of his body.  He also pointed out that Jonathan is missing a particular membrane (septum persullium) between the hemispheres, which sometimes accompanies schizencephaly. 

Schizencephaly causes motor, cognitive, and speech delays and is accompanied by paralysis or weakness and also seizures.  Jonathan exhibits all of these except seizures.  The doctor said to expect the motor skills to become worse, as well as the weakness on his left side.  He also believes Jonathan will begin having seizures at some point.

For the most part, our visit was helpful, and the doctor was very informative.  However, I am trying to process all this through eternal lenses. 

You see, the dr gave a practical analogy to try to help us see the situation from the big picture.  He said, "An old computer works, but it just doesn't work like a new computer.  It doesn't have the memory, etc. to have the same potential that a new computer has.  Jonathan is like an old computer."

Hmmmm.   Well, yes and no.

I see his point.  True, Jonathan has delays and is different.  Jonathan will have to work harder to achieve what his siblings can easily accomplish.  However, a computer designer doesn't build "old computers."  Yet, our Designer and Creator built Jonathan just the way he is.  Jonathan will reach every bit of potential that our Lord God created him to reach.

And that makes Jonathan just right.