Friday, March 30, 2012

Hand Surgeries Update

I was very pleased with how everything went Wednesday.  Thankfully, both the boys were very excited about their upcoming surgery.

We have been pleased with the doctor.  She really seems to know what she's doing, and she spends LOTS of time with us and the boys.  Of course, we are always pleased with Children's Hospital, too.

Josiah went first, and the doctor was finished in about 2 hours.  He was a little down and out when he realized the limitations of having both hands bandaged, but he has been such a trooper!  I think he has really been better (emotionally and behaviorally) than we could have asked or expected.  He has tried to be flexible and roll with the punches/limitations.

Jonathan was in surgery longer; just one hand took about two hours.  He was much sleepier the rest of the day.  He also seemed more frustrated by the bandaged hands.  Even yesterday, the day after, he was significantly emotional.  We are trying to keep in mind that he is very much limited with both hands bandaged and a prosthetic leg.  (And his left side--natural leg--is the side affected/weakened by the schizencephaly.)  So he has his work cut out for him right now! :)

Today we have seen a big improvement in their spirits and their pain level.  They are realizing they can do a little more than they thought.  I bought some of those little Danimals smoothies, and they can actually pick them up for a drink.  We have also been putting cups with lids and straws on a lower counter, so they are able to get a drink without asking for help.  A sweet friend brought lunch by today, and she included string cheese.  The boys could hold the cheese between their bandaged hands and nibble.  So we are going to keep trying to be creative!  We have 13 more days of bandaged hands.  :)

Our precious church is always so kind to minister when families have babies, surgeries, deaths, etc., and they have now brought us 4 meals since Wednesday.  What a blessing they are!  It has been so helpful as we have been the hands for our sweet boys.

I can see that these next 2 weeks could also further the boys' attachment as they need help with so many basic needs.  And it is an awesome way for our other children (and us) to serve, going that extra mile that we would not otherwise need to go.

God is so good to always be working on us, isn't He?  He just won't leave us where we are are but continues to whittle away in order to bring forth good fruit..

Thank you, Father.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hand Surgeries Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning both Jonathan and Josiah will be having hand surgeries.  It should be interesting tending to two patients at once, but we believe it will be better in the long run. 

Will keep you posted as time allows!  :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

A Gate

We have enclosed our backyard in a fence.  The kids have plenty of space to play.  The older children even have a pasture to run and romp in, but even our littles have close to an acre of fenced in yard for play.

Today one of these little amigos decided he wanted to play outside the fence.

I won't name any names, but he can be quite the leader.  ;)

As a matter of fact, when he couldn't get the gate open by himself, he enlisted his two amigo brothers to help him push.

You see, he had decided he wanted to ride his bicycle down the driveway, and he had to get the gate open to go all the way down the hill. 

The problem is that the hill is a bit too steep for *little* amigos.  And he crashed.  And burned. 

He didn't understand that mama and daddy had intentionally put the fence there to keep little ones from going and/or riding down the steep hill.  He saw the gate as the barrier to all his bicycle riding fun.  He didn't realize it was there for his own good.

Of course, I wanted to lecture with all the "I told you so's" and "If you would have just obeyed" (and I did just a little. . . .), but I quickly noticed how much this reminded me of the Lord.

He gives us commands and principles in His Word that we may sometimes see as keeping us from the other greener side. 

But His standards are really just like that fence.  Protecting us from the dangers of this world.  Perhaps even from the dangers of ourselves.

Sometimes the temptation seems so great that we want to just open the gate for one quick ride down the hill.  Maybe we even get others in on the excitement. 

But, oh, does it hurt when we crash.

So thankful for the loving arms of the Savior who picks us up from the wreckage and brings us back into the fence, on the right side of the gate.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Latest Pics

I've been trying to snap pictures of the kids more often lately.  Because you know I have so much time for that.

But time is so fleeting.  It just slips through our fingers. 

Days turn into weeks.
Weeks into months.
Months into years.

And they are growing up so ever fast.

Feeling so very, very blessed.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Stained Glass Beauty for One Less Orphan

One of my local friends, Chantelle, and her sweet family have recently begun their first adoption journey!  I am so excited for them and can't wait to see who the Lord will be bringing into their family!

Her husband is making some AWESOME stained glass angel nightlights and some GORGEOUS stained glass pendants/necklaces to raise money for their fees!

Please, please, please go over and check out these great nightlights and necklaces.  These will look great in your home and around your neck and will also make fabulous gifts. They are absolutely beautiful, and by purchasing one (or two ;), you will be helping bring ONE MORE child to his or her forever family.

Let's join together with Chantelle and take care of the fatherless!