Friday, March 16, 2012

A Gate

We have enclosed our backyard in a fence.  The kids have plenty of space to play.  The older children even have a pasture to run and romp in, but even our littles have close to an acre of fenced in yard for play.

Today one of these little amigos decided he wanted to play outside the fence.

I won't name any names, but he can be quite the leader.  ;)

As a matter of fact, when he couldn't get the gate open by himself, he enlisted his two amigo brothers to help him push.

You see, he had decided he wanted to ride his bicycle down the driveway, and he had to get the gate open to go all the way down the hill. 

The problem is that the hill is a bit too steep for *little* amigos.  And he crashed.  And burned. 

He didn't understand that mama and daddy had intentionally put the fence there to keep little ones from going and/or riding down the steep hill.  He saw the gate as the barrier to all his bicycle riding fun.  He didn't realize it was there for his own good.

Of course, I wanted to lecture with all the "I told you so's" and "If you would have just obeyed" (and I did just a little. . . .), but I quickly noticed how much this reminded me of the Lord.

He gives us commands and principles in His Word that we may sometimes see as keeping us from the other greener side. 

But His standards are really just like that fence.  Protecting us from the dangers of this world.  Perhaps even from the dangers of ourselves.

Sometimes the temptation seems so great that we want to just open the gate for one quick ride down the hill.  Maybe we even get others in on the excitement. 

But, oh, does it hurt when we crash.

So thankful for the loving arms of the Savior who picks us up from the wreckage and brings us back into the fence, on the right side of the gate.


Laine said...

Rebekah this is a GREAT life lesson that I am still learning at 41...the gate is GOOD! :)

Those 3 amigos are so adorable...and those SHIRTS! I love them!

Southern Cheesehead said...

I love the shirts too!!! And yes...I'm still learning about the gate at 40. I'm also learning that sometimes I need to close the gate myself and learn to say no! It's hard for the type A wanna be over-achiever that's not used to just being home. :-)

April for the Crew said...

You should read the Lamplighter "Hedge of Thorns". Same concept. Great book!