Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lemonade Stand Day

My kids have often asked to have a lemonade stand.  We haven't lived in a subdivision in over 9 years, so this never seemed very practical to me.  It was even brought up when we were fundraising for Jonathan and Josiah's adoption.

And, I have to admit, I am not what you would call a "yes" mama.  If it doesn't look like it makes much sense or seems too practical, there is a strong possibility that mama will say no.

Sometimes I don't like that about myself.

So yesterday, when dear friends were visiting and the girls wanted to set up a lemonade stand, I reluctantly said yes. 

I mean, I knew Wendy and I would buy a glass, but who would stop in rural Alabama on a county road where most cars are whizzing by at 50 + mph?  This ain't no subdivision, girls.  ;)

Well, they had fun setting it up, preparing for the customers, and waving at all the passersby.

They decided the little brothers made great advertisement.

I think the little brothers decided the big sisters made great lemonade.

The big sisters were thrilled to make $6.30.  (They actually had customers stop!)

And I think it made for a great day.


Laine said...

There's just something about lemonade and summer!!!!! Yummy!

I love that! Yall come over here for the next stand...

MamaHen said...

It really was fun! I hope the big girls will always remember the day we said Yes! And I know I'll always remember the first lady who pulled up and the shock I felt. And I'll always remember the man who talked about your dad. That has really made me think about how my daily actions can make a true difference in the other's lives. Your sweet daddy's actions are still teaching others.

Just A Family said...

Awwwww she should of called we would of bought some!

Cantina Camp said...

This is just like us. The kids want to try things all the time and I am hesitant. Thanks for sharing! :)