Monday, August 27, 2012

One Less

One less waiting orphan. . . . .
And one more heartsmile in our family!  

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Second Round of Hand Surgeries

Yesterday Jonathan and Josiah had their 2nd round of hand surgeries.  All went well.

We are so thankful for our great hand surgeon.  She is an awesome doctor, not to mention that she loves the Lord and loves adoption! 

Both boys underwent surgeries on both hands.  Their hands will be wrapped for two weeks.  We are praying that they do not get them wet, which, as you can imagine, is quite an undertaking.  ;)
I have my support team here at home, helping me make sure all are tended to diligently.  Besides, we can always benefit from an extra crash course in compassion!

This should be Josiah's last surgery.  In addition to his hands, the doctor also released banding constriction on his foot that had been begun but not finished in Ch*na.  Between all the work, the doctor had to do a skin graft, so he may still be a little ouchey for a day or two.  But I am so proud of him; he hasn't whined any, even with the effects of the anesthesia, and hadn't even complained all day until at bedtime he quietly told me that his hands hurt.  Whoa!  This little trooper has come a long way in 16 months!  :)

Fortunately, Jonathan did not have any extra surgeries or work done except on his hands.  We expect one more surgery later.  He, too, has been a trooper! 

This morning I wrapped lots of medical tape around their bandages to give that extra measure of protection against dirt and any water.

This morning they watched a movie or two, but after lunch, they began to perk up and play in the living room. 

So glad they are already starting to feel better!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Because I Never Want to Forget This

This morning at church, I sent one of my daughters for Jonathan.  I was gathering all my chicks, so to speak, and this is what transpired.

As Jonathan was making his way toward the stairs, one of Hannah's friends asked him where he was going. 

And what he answered, I hope I never forget.  He said,

"My mama called me. 
She loves me. 
She wanted me. 
And she's happy she has me."

And then he made his way down the steps.

That, my friends, is a snapshot of the miracle of adoption.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jonathan's New Specs

Yes, our cute little Jonathan now has some adorable new red glasses!  Doesn't he look great!?

And I thought this would be a great time to give you a little update on our sweetheart and all the progress the Lord is doing in his life!

In case you are a newcomer, Jonathan and his brother Josiah came home from China in April 2011.  They both have made amazing progress in different areas.  Jonathan's are the most noticeable and observable.

When he first came to us almost 16 months ago, Jonathan had significant delays.  Way more than I was expecting.  It was a little shocking at first. . .and a little scary.  But it was not more than God was expecting.  There will be so much more to Jonathan's story in years to come, but I feel it necessary to share and celebrate the Lord's goodness in his progress!

In April 2011, Jonathan could do very little for himself.  He was 4 years old and could not dress or undress himself.  He wasn't even holding his own sippy cup.  In his native language, he was only saying a few simple words.  We noticed he would say the same word over and over, and we learned it was the Chinese word for "this."  So he would sit and babble the word "this" over and over.

Once in our family, we didn't know what else to do but encourage him, talk to him, sing to him, and keep him with us all the time.  While he certainly wasn't learning English as fast as Josiah was, he began learning.  What is amazing is he was learning language!  And finally making great progress in his second language!  It was so funny when the specialists would say things like, "Just keep getting him the early intervention he is receiving and he should continue making good progress!"  You see, he didn't start any therapies until he had been home for 9 months.  We were just loving him, setting reasonable goals, and treating him like the rest of our children.  And Jonathan flourished!

He had a knee disarticulation in October and received his prosthetic leg in December.  Some of the doctors were hesitant about how well he would do since he has cognitive delays (due to schizencephaly and a rare syndrome), but he surprised everyone by walking on it without the walker within 18 hours.  A whole new world then opened up to Jonathan as he was able to get around like everyone else!

So how is he doing now? 

Jonathan can dress and undress himself,

wash his hands, do a fair job brushing his teeth, clean up toys, take his dishes to the sink, fetch the baby's diapers, count past 10, sing most of the ABC's, recognize most colors and some shapes, follow most directions, play very well with his brothers,

ride his scooter,

whisk eggs, throw and kick a ball, use spontaneous language in sentences of up to 8 words,

work hard at his 2 daily chores,

sing many songs, and pray the sweetest prayers for his baby brother! 

 He has even begun putting his prosthetic leg on and off by himself! 

And the list could go on and on. . . . . .

Yes, we are so amazed at how far Jesus has brought our precious Jonathan. 

What if we would have missed out on this amazing gift?  For most of my life, I have been uncomfortable around people with special needs.  Oh, how the Lord likes to take us out of our comfort zone.

And I am so glad He does!