Saturday, August 11, 2012

Second Round of Hand Surgeries

Yesterday Jonathan and Josiah had their 2nd round of hand surgeries.  All went well.

We are so thankful for our great hand surgeon.  She is an awesome doctor, not to mention that she loves the Lord and loves adoption! 

Both boys underwent surgeries on both hands.  Their hands will be wrapped for two weeks.  We are praying that they do not get them wet, which, as you can imagine, is quite an undertaking.  ;)
I have my support team here at home, helping me make sure all are tended to diligently.  Besides, we can always benefit from an extra crash course in compassion!

This should be Josiah's last surgery.  In addition to his hands, the doctor also released banding constriction on his foot that had been begun but not finished in Ch*na.  Between all the work, the doctor had to do a skin graft, so he may still be a little ouchey for a day or two.  But I am so proud of him; he hasn't whined any, even with the effects of the anesthesia, and hadn't even complained all day until at bedtime he quietly told me that his hands hurt.  Whoa!  This little trooper has come a long way in 16 months!  :)

Fortunately, Jonathan did not have any extra surgeries or work done except on his hands.  We expect one more surgery later.  He, too, has been a trooper! 

This morning I wrapped lots of medical tape around their bandages to give that extra measure of protection against dirt and any water.

This morning they watched a movie or two, but after lunch, they began to perk up and play in the living room. 

So glad they are already starting to feel better!


Symasek Family Circus said...

I love the pictures! Precious...and your new blog look is great...very professional! What to give mine a make-over? :-)

David and Janet Hurley said...

They are 1/2 way done! I hope they are continuing to do well. Jonathan looks alot like Wes in that picture with the Dr.