Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sarah Kate's Update

We were so surprised and thankful to receive such
a quick update.  Even though, the SWI didn't exactly
answer the questions we sent, they did give a little update.
We also received this sweet little picture
and two rather long videos!
Isn't she precious?!!

I love her little smile and her beautiful eyes!  Sarah Kate is 23 months old. 
Her medical file states her special need is "dislocated hips and varus of knee." 
However, her update says she has "congenital absence of pelvis." 
 Anybody have any insight here?
Regardless, we did not expect her to be walking, and this little chair is a little
wheelchair.  We have an AWESOME orthopedic who has an AWESOME nurse at Children's Hospital and an equally INCREDIBLE hand surgeon over at St. Vincent's E., so I believe
whatever her situation, we are in good hands.
And the best hands of all belong to our Lord, the One who has given her to us! 
Thanking Him!!!
P.S.  Angela at Ladybugs n Love is the one we have used for all our care packages and updates.  She is wonderful!  I cannot say enough good things about her service! 


Mary Beth said...

Oh my! So, so cute! She has a twinkle in her eyes. :)

MamaHen said...

That little smile is so cute.