Sunday, October 28, 2012

Birthday Pics of Sarah Kate!

How exciting! 
Last week was our Sarah Kate's 2nd bday, so we sent her a birthday cake through Angela at Ladybugs and Love. 
Today I opened my inbox to 6 wonderful new pictures of our sweet Sarah Kate!


Look at that beautiful smile!

So thankful to also have pictures of her foster mama. 
This will be so special to Sarah Kate in a few years.

Because she has dislocated hips, she seems to use this little wheelchair often.

Such a pretty birthday cake and a sweet picture of her foster mother
helping her with the candles!

It is a tradition in China to put some of the icing on the birthday child's face!
I'm glad we don't do that here! ;)

We think she is just adorable!


Laine said...

Could she be ANY CUTER??????????? I think NOT! I want to squeeze her!!!!

And YAHOO for approval!!!!!!!!

smallseven said...

She is precious Rebekah!