Tuesday, December 4, 2012

So Just How Many Pics Does It Take...

............to get a photo for the Hixon Christmas card??
Too many that's for sure, lol.

 Mama:  Now, it's simple kids.  Just smile.  And keep
it plastered.  And don't forget, look at me the whole time.

Micah:  Jonathan, what's wrong?
Jonathan:  I don't feel so good.
Faith:  Uh, oh!
Gabriel:  What does this make, like the 63rd picture or something?
Josiah:  *very obedient*

Micah:  This is getting old.
Faith:  Mama, do you see Jonathan?
Jonathan:  I really don't feel so good.
Gabriel:  What's cheese?
Josiah:  *star student*

Micah:  Can we please stop?
Faith:  I really don't want to be standing right here.
Jonathan:  This is bad. . . .
Gabriel:  I quit.
Hannah:  Me, too, this is painful.
Josiah:  *still obedient*
Micah:  Faith, is it over?
Gabriel:  Where did Joshua go?
Benjamin:  Stand up and take it like a man.
Mary Grace:  How does he just keep smiling?
Josiah:  *unwavering*
Almost there. . . .
Gabriel:  Hey!  Who let the cat in?
Wait!  Where did Micah go?
Finally. . . . .
Merry Christmas!!!


MamaHen said...

Love it!

Anneli said...

Haha, sounds like MY family! Love it!


Serving the King said...

Ha! LOVE the progression and good gracious you caught a great one at the end! Can't wait for next years with two little someone's in that photo!!

Janet said...

Josiah is a pro!! Does he give lessons?

Paula said...

Funny! What a beautiful family!

Laine said...

Rebekah this is ADORABLE!!!! Love it love it love it!!!! And my kids thought it was hilarious too!