Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fundraising Update and the Costs of Adoption

We are so thankful that you have helped us to raise $500 through Sarah Kate and Ruthie's Block Party!  Thank you to all who particpated!  What a blessing and encouragement to us as others come alongside us in this endeavor!

We also raised approximately $500 through our recent Valentine sucker sale we held!  We had such fun making the suckers with friends, and I am so thankful to my friend Laine for heading that opportunity up and hosting 25 kiddos and their mamas for over 9 hours the day we made the yummy Valentine suckers!


We were thrilled to receive a $1000 grant this week!  God is so faithful to provide!  When we hear from our taxes this week, we hope to have a better idea of how close we are to our goal. 

I share some of this to encourage you.  Adoption is expensive, but for those of you who might be considering adoption, do not let the financial costs hinder you from taking a leap of faith!  God is always faithful to provide for His will. 

Actually, I read a great article this week from our agency Lifeline.  It is so natural for us to ask the financial costs of adoption and to plan and even obsess over the dollar bottom line.  Paying the fees is necessary.  However, many times we fail to consider the other costs.  A far greater consideration is the commitment of giving your life to a child that will be grafted into your family~~

...the long haul commitment and also the day in and day out of sacrificing of self to invest in a precious soul that has been entrusted to you by God. 

It is a marathon but also a day to day sprint.  However, we do not run the race alone for the Lord's mercies are new everyday.

So if you might be considering adoption, I might possibly be your biggest supportor!  Don't be discouraged by the hefty price for God is faithful.  And keep in mind that the bigger sacrifices do not come in the figures of numbers but in the daily track of life.

Of course, the rewards don't come in numbers either, unless you consider ONE LESS orphan caught in the cycles of abandonment, poverty, and neglect and ONE MORE child to love, nurture, equip, disciple, and raise in ways of the Lord and in the arms of your loving family! 

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Cantina Camp said...

Just the post I needed! Bryan and I would love to adopt and are praying for God's timing and will in this matter! Thank you for sharing!!