Friday, February 22, 2013

Three Wonderful Little Letters

So thrilled!  Tomorrow came and our LOA came TODAY!! Woohoo!!  (Lifeline; LID 12/17, OOT since 12/26)

On our way to LL to sign!!!

So happy and thankful that we received our LOA's today for the girls!  We were on a field trip and about to leave for home when my cell phone rang.  I told Wendy that I sure hope it is Karla!  I couldn't help but holla when I saw "Lifeline" on my screen!  Yay!!!!

We were able to stop by the office on our way home, sign the long-awaited documents, and celebrate with a Krispie Kreme doughnut!  (I mean, what else do you do when the sign says, "Hot Doughnuts Now" and you are celebrating LOAs? ;)

Our immigration paperwork should be sent off Monday morning.  We expect about 8 more weeks of paperchasing before Travel Approval, and then we will be securing our flights!  We're coming, sweet girls!



MamaHen said...

Abbie talked about your "holla" all the way home. And then she took great delight in telling Mark all the details of your holla when he got home :)

Anneli said...

Woohooo!!! So excited for you all!

Janet said...

YAY!! This process has seemed fast. HAHA, it always seems fast when it's someone else=)