Saturday, May 11, 2013

Made It to Hangzhou

After 27 hours of plane travel, 1 flight change, 1 medical emergency on the plane, 1 night at the Ramada Airport Hotel in Shanghai, and 1 Express Train ride, we have arrived in HZ!  It seems to be a beautiful city, and we look forward to staying here this week!

Benjamin and Josiah have accompanied us on this trip, and both seem to be doing well now, although we are all a little tired!  Our guide recommended a restaurant next door, so we are about to venture out and try it.

In order to use our Skymiles for our tickets, we had to leave Thursday rather than yesterday, so we have an extra day tomorrow. We are looking forward to exploring the city a little and seeing West Lake.

Monday is when we will meet Ruthie for the first time and take her into our arms and family!  We are so excited and can hardly believe we are in her city!  Somewhere out there in the midst of all the buildings is where she has spent her last 21 months, and she will sleep there just 2 more nights an orphan. Monday, Lord willing, He will begin grafting her into our family, as He has already done to do so in our hearts!  Soon and very soon she will be an ORPHAN NO MORE!!!!!!


Anneli said...

I'm so glad that you have made it safely although I am sure you are extremely tired! Keep the updates coming. Can't wait to see little Ruthie in your arms!

Eric said...

The restaurant was an adventure!!

Symasek Family Circus said...

Praying, Rebekah!!! so glad to see that you guys made it there safely! Have a Happy Mother's Day on Sunday, K?
All the Symaseks

David, Carol, Joshua, Matthew, Daniel, Anna, Joy, Hope, Mercy, Samuel, and Benjamin said...

Praying for you as you receive two more blessings. So excited for your family and for these precious daughters to meet their forever families.

Carol (from Tianjin board)