Thursday, May 16, 2013

Officially a Hixon!

Tuesday was Ruthie's Adoption Day!  It was such a special day to us!  We shared the day with three other families. Eric, Benjamin, Josiah, and I were so proud and excited, but the star of the show just slept right through it. :)

That night we celebrated with dinner with new friends, the Mortensens from California, who adopted
their sweet daughter the same hour. It was such a treat to get to know this awesome family; she and I
have been in the same DTC FB group since the fall, and had wondered and hoped we would be here
in HZ at the very same time!  What a surprise and a blessing that we are and were able to share Gotcha Days and Adoption Days!

Yesterday, our guide took us to West Lake, a very large lake just west of the city, and we took a boat out across the lake. This is a very popular tourist attraction and was very busy, even on a Wednesday. We walked around many of the gardens surrounding the lake, and Savor, our guide, shared more about the Chinese history, which I loved to hear!!!

Savor also took us to a tea plantation here in Hangzhou. That was a neat experience!

Ruthie is doing well. She seems to have formed a type of "trauma attachment" to me. She spends most of her days in my arms or lap, which I love, but she responds in panic if I put her down or hand her to someone else. We are working on this slowly and patiently, but meanwhile, I am loving the ample opportunity to hold this precious one!


Anneli said...

LOVE seeing her with you! Keep the updates coming, I love reading them!

Symasek Family Circus said...

Love it!! Enjoy that precious bonding time :-) Praying for ALL of the Hixons constantly!
love you all!
The Symaseks