Monday, May 13, 2013

Ruthie's Gotcha Day

I am attempting to blog and post pictures from my iPad, so please forgive if this post is a mess. ;)

We are so thankful that we have our precious Ruthie!  Praising The Lord!!!

We woke up Monday morning, May 13, 2013, a little earlier than we planned, had breakfast, skyped with some friends, and then Skyped with our children back home. Boy, is it wonderful to see them!  

We met our wonderful guide Savor in the lobby at 9 AM, and off we went to the Civil Affairs office. It was only 20 min away. When we reached the gment office, there were several families already there, one from a FB group who had already received their child. There were at least a dozen Chinese officials and orphanage employees (representing several different orphanages from this province) in the room. Suddenly, Savor said, "Look!  She is already here!"

And there she was, sitting on the corner of the table!  We went over to her, and I picked her up. Holding her was one of the best feelings in the world!  She was very afraid, especially of the males in our group. She clung to me and cried. It was so sad to think that she had no idea that we already loved her so much and how terrifying it must be to be placed into the arms of strangers without that knowledge. 

She continued to cry until we pulled a dumdum sucker. Candy is the universal language!!!  Although it did not procure any smiles, she quieted down. We were there for at least an hour. Eric completed several documents, and we signed and placed our fingerprints on at least 8 pieces of paper. They took the normal family picture for the adoption decree, and then we also had a good opportunity to talk to Ying, the Internationl Adoption Coordinator from Hangzhou orphanage. 

Ying was such a wonderful help!  She seemed to know a lot about Ruthie and answered many pages 

of questions I had prepared. It really helps to know more about what she has been accustomed to!  I want to add that our experience with this orphanage has been very positive. From the generous updates they have given over the past few months to the many pictures they  have shared even to the way they had her dressed. Yesterday they brought her in a beautiful red top and blue pants with stars on it!  The gesture of dressing her in red, white, and blue was not unnoticed by this mama!

After we left, Ruthie was still afraid, but she did not cry. We rode in the van to the local Carrefour (similar to a Walmart) for diapers, formula, and other supplies. Here she remained very cautious but 

was very inquisitive!  We even saw a smile or two!  

Back in the room she began to relax even more. She crawled around, pulled up on her crib, but seemed to feel more secure in my lap. Benjamin and I took her down to the hotel restaurant to get a little lunch. We had to wait much longer than we anticipated, but she held out well. She even began or show her spunky side!

She seemed to warm up to Eric more in the room. Soon she began to get very sleepy, but when I started to put her in her crib, she cried and protested!  I was a little surprised since she has been very used to a crib, but I let her lie in the bed with me. Within two minutes she was asleep. It had been 

such an overwhelming day for her. 

She slept at least 2 hours, but when she woke up, her grieving seemed to take another form. She was very quiet and withdrawn and didn't offer as many smiles. This continued for the rest of the evening. She drank her bottle, tried a few bites of pizza, skyped with her new siblings back home, had a bath, drank her nightly yogurt drink, and easily fell back asleep. However, throughout the evening, she cried brokenheartedly if I put her down. I'm sad she is so scared but thankful she is looking to me for comfort. 

We love this darling child more than words can explain. We are praying that tomorrow some of  the

grieving eases, but if not, we are so glad to be able to walk with her through it. She will not be alone again. 


Symasek Family Circus said...

Yay!!! Yay!!! She is beautiful! I can't wait to meet her. We spent time in prayer for you guys this afternoon. We will continue to pray for a smooth beginning to the transition, healing for her little heart, bonding, and good health for not only you guys, but the ones at home.
Love from all the Symaseks

Jeanette said...

Love it! Praying for her sweet little heart, full of confusion I bet. Praying everyday for all of you! We love y'all - the Aycock's

Laine said...

What a great documentary of a monumental day! I LOVE the details...and the love you have for Ruthie just pours through your words! Praise The Lord she is in your arms at last! We will keep praying for mercy and grace in her transition and wisdom for you all in the moment! Enjoy those moments!
We love yall and miss yall!!!

MamaHen said...

Love the pictures of her in your arms. You are right. She will never be alone again-praise our heavenly Father!