Saturday, May 18, 2013

Visiting Ruthie's Orphanage

Friday was a significant day for Ruthie and for us. 
We were able to visit her orphanage. 

I have mentioned before how impressed we have been with HZ CWI. 
Visiting here was such a blessing. It was very clean, yet not a sterile atmosphere 
The love these dear people have for the children was very evident. We visited her
room where she has slept. There were 30-40 baby beds in there, but not one baby was left in 
A bed at 10 o'clock in the morning. All beds were empty, and the children were 
out playing or learning.

We were able to visit her classroom, and her teachers set her
at a little empty chair for her to visit with her friends one last time. 
Soooo cute and adorable. 
The little boy in the hat is her best friend. Such a doll!!
The little boy in blue kept smiling at us and saying "Nihao!"
Te one other little girl pointed at the empty chair beside her for
Me to sit at the table with her.  They were all so precious!!!

Here is Ruthie with one of her teachers!
They all were so happy to see her;  cannot even begin to explain how they made our visit very special and encouraged us to send 
Updates via email. They were very curious about the medical intervention 
Ruthie would receive. They all hope so much that she will bw able to walk. We do, too!!!
Before we left, they gave us a photo book, very similar to one you might make at Shutterfly, full of pics of our sweet Ruthie.   We were presented with a book  very similar
To a baby book with many of her milestones and medical records. We are so thankful for the care and attention she has received!  
It has, by far, been our best experience with an orphanage!
I only wish all the fatherless could have at least this type of care. 

Ruthie handled the visit very well. She cried when leaving her little classroom, but we saw no setbacks after visiting the orphanage.

Actually, we have begun to see more smiles, more playfulness, and have enjoyed seeing her relax more and open up to her forever family!


Jean said...

Loving the pics! So good to hear it is a good orphanage!

Blessings on your journey!!

Laine said...

I am so glad for you and Ruthie that you got to visit the orphanage! And how wonderful that her little personality is shining through more and more!
Prayiing for yall!!!! ANd MISS you!