Thursday, May 23, 2013

Waiting in Nanchang

We have spent the week in Nanchang. Sarah Kate's adoption was finalized on Tuesday,
and she became a forever member of the Hixon family!
We have been waiting for her passport to be issued these last few days
and have passed the time in China's People's Parks. 

It is no wonder so many people come to these parks. 
They offer such a nice reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the busy streets.
Around every turn of these peaceful little paths are people exercising, 
stretching, and even dancing. 
Parents bring their children to play and relax,
and I believe even more grandparents are here. 

It is not uncommon for local people to stop us and ask 
(In Chinese) if the girls are Chinese and if we are Americans. 
However, it was a treat when an older man stopped us and asked 
the same thing in broken English and then switched to Spanish!
That is not common around here!  We conversed a minute in
what little espanol we all knew then said good bye. Funny!

Today is Friday, and we should receive Sarah Kate's passport. 
This evening we board the plane for Guangzhou, the last leg of
our journey!  
In GZ, we will jump through a few more hoops for
US immigration (girls' medical examines at US consulate, TB testing)
and then their consulate appointment is next Wednesday. 
We should receive their US visas by Thursday afternoon
and then begin the long journey home next Friday. 

To say we are missing our other children would
be an understatement. 
No mama should have to be away from her babies 
for 3 weeks!  
Ok, sorry. Pity party over. 
We are so thankful for Skype. 
We are able to Skype with them twice a day, 
and that does help a lot. 
But nothing beats having all 
a mama's chicks in one nest. 

Sarah Kate and Ruthie are both doing very well. 
I see positive steps toward attachment, 
and they both are such blessings from The Lord. 

Ruthie is so fun and mischievous. 
She loves to play and explore. 
We have noticed she actually knows how to play. 
She will sit with Josiah's Legos or other small toys
and entertain herself well. 
Se has spirit and spunk,
and she is beginning to learn what "no" means!
She is going to be a blast in our family and fit right in,
and even though she has a stubborn streak, she should be fairly
straightforward to train. :)

Sarah Kate is a precious little doll. 
Her grieving has subsided significantly already,
and she is mostly smiles all day. 
She loves to hear laughter and enjoys
all the love and attention she is receiving. 
She is very tiny for 2.5 years. 
Because of her special needs, she is mostly 
immobile. She cannot even sit unassisted. 
I'm sure this has lent to lack of stimulation 
in the past couple years. 
We hope to do everything we can
to help her make progress and provide her
the attention and stimulation she needs. 

Both the girls have several orthopedic issues,
so this year will be a busy medical year for us. 
But we know the potential The Lord has for both of them
(At least we can imagine some of it, but experience has told us 
we really have no idea the wonderful mercies He has in store),
and we cannot wait to get a glimpse of where this journey
will be taking our new precious daughters!


MamaHen said...

Thank you for the update! I was wondering how you were doing and yesterday I started to think, "Okay, RH, get an update up there so I won't have to start worrying!" :)

So glad you are in the end stretch!Miss you

Jean said...

Love seeing the update and pics!! The girls are beautiful!

It is so hard to be away for sooo long. Praying the time goes by quickly!

Blessings on your journey!

Symasek Family Circus said...

I am with Mama Hen!!! :-). We were ready for an update!! Oh, how we are praying, Rebekah. You guys are doing beautifully. I am sure that it has to be SO hard to be away from all your other precious ones...praying that the rest of the time flies by. I remember when we were in country feeling so, so overwhelmed by our little guys' needs...praying that you will feel His grace and strength. So excited to see all He has in store for those awesome girls!!
All the Symaseks

Janet said...

That is fantastic that Ruthie knows how to play!! Praying the rest of the trip goes smoothly!

Laine said...

Love this update! Your girls just look so RIGHT in your arms, Rebekah! And you are so close to having all your babies under one roof again! Oh how good that is gonna feel! Just a few more days!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

I remember when we came home from adopting Candie, I was SO relieved to be back together again. And after everybody went to bed that first night, I just sank down on the floor of one of the kids' bedroom and bawled!!!!!

Your kiddos looked GREAT at church Sunday and we never heard a peep out of any of them! Hannah and KL have been chatting on the phone almost thankful for your family! WE MISS YALL!!!!!! Praying for yall!!!!