Tuesday, June 23, 2015

It's Been a Long, Long Time

I haven't written a blog post in 2 years.  Wow.  One of my sons has repeatedly reminded me to consider writing again, if anything, for the sake of letting the blog world know we made it home from Guangzhou.  Back in 2013.
So we made it home.  Despite flight trouble and an unplanned overnight layover in Detroit.
We brought home these two sweet girls,

And a new normal developed! 
Once again, we came home to confirm the Lord was blessing us with a new baby.

And she is such a delight.

Of course, the Lord began to tug at our hearts again.  We couldn't forget the ones left behind.
And we began to search through prayer if He would have us return to China for another child.
Was there another Hixon still waiting in China?
We began to believe the answer was yes.  And she was the precious 9 year old we had been praying for and sponsoring.

The Lord began to open doors, and we were soon matched with our 13th treasure. 

A few months later, we began to be concerned that we should be open for one more.  Our agency amended our home study, and we petitioned immigration for approval for two.  Not long after receiving USCIS approval, we received the file of another precious little girl. 
She has thalassemia and needs regular blood transfusions.  We believed she was ours, and we proceeded to submit the necessary paperwork to China.  Oh, how thankful we were when we were officially matched!

Things have progressed a little more quickly now because China considers her medical need to be urgent.  We think we are just a few more weeks from travel.

So that is my little update in a nutshell.  Life is busy.  It is always is for a mama, and I find myself tending, training, and teaching most of the day "in the heart of our home."  But I wouldn't trade it for any other life!  God is so good!

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Love you and all your sweeties!