Adoption is a beautiful thing. The miracle of how someone who is not born into your family can yet be grafted in is utterly amazing. I have been blessed by adoption in two ways.

First, I was adopted. You see, I was lost and undone. I was floundering in this world without hope. Then Christ saw me in my lostness and reached out to me to bring me into His family. Why, I was even a special needs adoption. My special need was sin. Because of my sin, I could not save myself. Yet Christ grafted me into his family, gave me His name, and made me an heir to all His promises. I now have His name, His family, His promises, and a hope for today and tomorrow.

Secondly, God allowed us to grow our family through the blessing of earthly adoption. What a picture of God’s grace and the gospel! We have had the privilege of adding two sons (born in China) to our family. They now have our love, our name, our family, our promises, and all the acceptance, belonging, and security that all our children have. They have been grafted in. And we are so thankful!