Over 12 years ago, after several years of hypothetically considering, we made the commitment to homeschool our children. We didn’t know a great deal about it, but we had done a little research and also met a homeschool graduate who really impressed us. We knew we wanted something different for our children. It was hard to put our finger on it then, but we knew we wanted to be the primary influence in our children’s lives. We wanted the privilege of teaching and training without the many, many distractions the traditional school setting provided. We understood how the Lord’s way was right and good, but we realized that if we wanted to transfer this understanding and knowledge to our children, we would need much more time than the few hours after school would offer.

Fast forward over a decade, and we have 9 precious children. I have thoroughly enjoyed homeschooling them, and we have seen benefits from our decision that we never even expected. Not once have I ever regretted our decision to homeschool. Are there hard days? Absolutely. However, I know that most things worth doing are not going to be easy. And I have the privilege and blessing of rising every morning to the very important responsibility of educating, training, and equipping my children for the everyday life matters and for their future. Besides, most things in this life are so very temporal. Yet, I know the Word of God will last forever, as will my children’s souls last forever-somewhere. What better way to spend my days than pouring the Word into their lives?

So I have spent the last 12 years “officially” homeschooling our children. It seems I have at least 18 more years to go. I pray the Lord will help me persevere, stay the course, and finish strong. And I pray He will use my humble efforts to make men and women who are people of integrity, hard workers, and others-centered, but above all, people who are God-fearing, discerning, obedient to the Word, heavenly-minded, and who love the Lord.