Loving Our Large Family

Big families are not the norm nowadays. Evidently this is so, based upon the surprised and shocked looks we receive everywhere we go. I can tell you that I absolutely LOVE having a big family and am open to the Lord increasing it either naturally or through adoption, but I have not always hoped for this large of a family.

You see, I thought 4 kids would make a big family (and I guess it does in today’s world). This is how many I thought my husband and I would have. However, the Lord so graciously put a person or two in our lives to cause us to re-think the status quo. Should we really try to limit our family size? And what are the motives behind such attempts? If we really believed what the Bible teaches about children, how they are a blessing and a heritage (Psalm 127), why would we want to resist what God could possibly want to give us?

Our society believes and communicates that children are a burden. They are talked about in terms of “how many we can afford” or “all we could handle” instead of the gifts God says that they are. Even the church has swallowed this lie with most professing Christians adopting the same viewpoint as the world. It has reached the point that most people view the parents of large families as either irresponsible, crazy, or some sort of super-saints.

We are just an ordinary family following an extra-ordinary God. While we may have more children than many other families, we are simply trusting in His grace day in and day out and praying He will use us for His glory.